In attendance: Thomas Morrill, Lizz Hardardt, Shannon Andrews, Araby Belcher; Ashley Bromley, Angela McClendon
Meeting called to order at 10:03 AM


Minutes from 3-18-2014 Meeting – Approved


Email (and Text Message) Decisions – (1) Purchased a new-to-us fridge. (2) Approved two all-member emails about bargaining. (3) Approved Brew-Off goodies for AFT-OR Convention auction. (4) Decided not to send an all-member email about GTA mentorships. (5) Approved Irene Coker as second house parent for Convention. (6) Approved final t-shirt design. (7) Approved circulation of AFT job announcement. (8) Approved addition to audit report that we needed to send to AFT.


HIAC Update – The CGE folks who are working on insurance updates have recently met.


SEIU 49 Rally – We’ve been asked to help with turnout for a rally later this month (and a round of “Solidarity Forever”). Shannon will publish it on the Social List and fb group for turnout and carpool. The EC approves reimbursing drivers.


Election Notice – We need to mail out notices by next Wednesday, April 9, for EC and SC elections. We’ll be sending them out in envelopes, so we can include other stuff too: social calendar, dates for GMM and End of Year BBQ.


May Day Fair Food – Ashley and Sneha have been participating in the planning group for this event (which will be Saturday, May 3). The EC approves spending around $300 (from the Social Discretionary line for the time being) for the CGE contribution of food. Shannon is willing to help with food prep.


Crockpots – These are VERY useful for preparing food for our meetings and events. So far we’ve been borrowing them from members and friends. Unfortunately, one that we borrowed recently from Sarah Light got a crack in the crock, and it was brand new. The EC approves replacing that with a new one; CGE [Shannon] will buy one at Costco (or we’ll reimburse Sarah if she gets there first). The EC also approves purchasing for CGE a couple of used crockpots at thrift stores if any of us see a good one.


Convention!! – (1) Food has been purchased and there’s a plan for purchasing drinks. (2) About drivers: We have a couple people who are able to drive additional people only one way. The EC approves reimbursing them for both ways of the drive – as long as they’re willing to help with carpools one way.


Higher Ed Conference – The Sunday return flights from AGEL that were booked by AFT arrive at PDX around 1 AM (Monday). The EC approves renting a hotel room for that night so travel back to Corvallis will be safer.


Steward Council Elections – The areas list has been circulated for approval. Members will all receive an email letting them know what their area is, how many stewards they’re apportioned, and how to nominate and elect their stewards.


Rec Sports – There’s pretty good interest in having CGE teams. The EC approves members having matching CGE t-shirts, and the EC approves using funds from the Social Discretionary line to buy some fabric paints for a t-shirt party (if we need more beyond what Ashley already owns).


EECS – The EECS stewards are putting together a social gathering for their department. Because this can be an organizing tool, the EC approves contributing $50 that they can spend for pizzas.


Policies and Procedures – Thomas has begun going through our documentation looking for what needs to be updated. One question he has is about insuring our meetings and events. Angela will look into what our liability insurance policy already covers. Another update he wants to see is on our debit card policy, to improve the flexibility of our policy in order to fit what we need, and to look more legitimate. Shannon suggests we could think about having separate officers for bargaining and grievances; this would require a constitutional amendment and is something we’ll talk about more later.


Social: ExplOregon Update – Kris is going to have a final schedule for the wine tasting ready for Shannon in a couple days.


New Postdoc Policy – There are some rumors going around campus about hiring practice changes regarding postdocs.


Global Health Gender Equity Resource Fair – This is next Monday, April 7, from 4 to 6:30. We kinda forgot that we’d agreed to be there with an informational sheet. Several people can attend for at least part of the fair.


Bargaining Update – We met last Thursday and talked about tuition waiver for e-campus courses. Today we’re meeting again to talk about fees.


Meeting adjourned at 11:30 AM

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