CGE Executive Council Meeting Minutes – October 23, 2012

In attendance: Braden Elliott, Eric Coker, Wren Keturi, Danny Ritter, Michelle Marie; Bret Seferian, Angela McClendon; Ashley Bromley, Sarah Burke, Eben Pullman remotely


Meeting called to order at 12:00 PM


Minutes from 10-16-12 meetings – Oops! Didn’t get to these.


Campaign Update – (with Eben via conference call)

  1. Oral arguments in front of the ERB in Salem yesterday. Eben & Ashley feel they went well. We’ll find out when we get a decision back, which could be in a month or in 6 months – who knows? The board’s decision will be final. Our recourses if they rule against us would be to go to the Court of Appeals or to amend PECBA in the Oregon Legislature. Michelle reminds us that Ed Ray said he would not appeal an ERB decision in CGE’s favor.
  2. This Thursday is the Portland rally! We’ll leave Corvallis at 3 PM. We have 35 people from Corvallis who have RSVP’d, as well as about 20 people from the Jobs With Justice call list who said they’re interested in coming. Our rally t-shirts will be ready about the time we’re ready to go. Tonight will be poster-making.


Appointment Letters Issue – There’s been progress in SMED: at least some of them have gotten their contracts and gotten paid. Ashley talked with people from CEOAS: they’re working toward resolution through talking with college leadership.


FML Policy – Danny met with Jeri [I think?] to talk about our issue with the once-ever leave. It seems they thought we wanted unlimited leave opportunities. Danny will talk with Brenda McComb about it.


ASOSU Issue – Amelia had talked with Jeri, who told her the position should never have been a GTA. Danny will talk with Brenda about this as well.


Brew-Off – We have flyers! (Distribute them amongst your departments.) We have pint glasses! (Some of them were broken, and Lauren is working with the company to get a refund.) Eric will push it on fb.


Steward Elections – We got nominations in 25 (of 47) areas. There were a few surprises: no nominations from Chemistry, English, or Water Resources. Last night Braden sent out email invitations to about 550 members; so far about 70 have voted. There are contested elections in Anthropology and Biochem/Biophys.


Committees – Eric has gotten a few volunteers for the Communications Comm. Wren has gotten a few for the Constitution Comm.


Membership Drive – It went pretty well. We got about 67 cards! Ashley & Sarah are planning to revisit a few places next week.


Safety Committee Thing – We will investigate further to find out what this position would entail. Some of us are uncomfortable with asking a member to try to access grad offices under false pretenses.


GMM Recap – There were about 55 people. We got through the agenda on time! There was too much beer but that’s okay. There was good turnout at the after-party.


Translating CGE Documents – We have a couple people interested in helping to translate some of our important lit.


CLA Budget Meeting – Michelle got an email about a talk by Sherm Bloomer about CLA/OSU budgets. It will be Thursday, November 15 at 1 PM.


Insurance Card Misprints – Some people’s cards were not printed correctly: they didn’t show “dental” as checked. It sounds like SHS will be getting them reprinted. Danny will ask Erin Palmer to email everyone affected.


Bargaining Training – There’s something happening in Salem on Saturday.


Meeting adjourned at 1 PM – Woot!

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