CGE Executive Council Meeting Minutes – October 16, 2012

In attendance: Wren Keturi, Sydney Householder, Danny Ritter, Eric Coker, Forrest Parker, Braden Elliott, Michelle Marie; Bret Seferian, Angela McClendon; Ashley Bromley, Sarah Burke, Eben Pullman remotely


Meeting called to order at 12:00 PM


Minutes from 10-9-12 meetings – Approved


Email Decisions – Shirts and Brew-Off flyers


Campaign Update – (with Eben via conference call)

  1. We got approval to phone-bank the Jobs With Justice call list; we’ll do that on Thursday the 18th and Monday the 22nd.
  2. ERB oral arguments are next Monday morning. Eben, Ashley, Sarah, Bret are planning to go. We’ll ask if any CGErs want to go as well.
  3. Portland donor dinner action: AFT-Oregon wants to share the cost of the event. Eben put together a proposal for t-shirts where CGE pays $500 and AFT-OR pays $750; CGE pays permit (about $300); CGE and AFT-OR share cost of van rentals ($165 each); and AFT-OR pays a food stipend ($20/person). We approve this proposal as is; this means CGE’s cost is $956.50). Also, Wren emailed a few legislators; so far none have said they can come.


Office Visits – Happened last week and this week. Going pretty well; have about 45 new cards so far.


Appointment Letters – Some of our members in SMED have brought up serious concerns: haven’t gotten contracts yet, haven’t gotten tuition waivers yet, haven’t gotten financial aid. Danny and Bret are trying to figure it out with Jeri Hemmer (who has spoken with the Business Center responsible for SMED); they’ll keep working on it. The really important thing right now is getting paychecks to people.


Ratification – The members approved! 49 yes, 0 no (7 sequestered). We almost have the signature page ready.


Brew-Off – The flyers have been designed and look awesome! The pint glass design looks great, has been approved, and payment sent. Homebrew hero t-shirts: we’re waiting for Lauren and Mousa to finalize.



  1. Buttons – Danny made a bunch last week. We need to put together some more designs. Eric and Wren have some ideas to work on.
  2. Banner – Wren is working on it.


ASOSU – Wren and Danny met with Amelia, who has some inaccurate information. Eben has suggested that we no longer try to work through her and go instead to the Grad School. Danny will follow up.


Steward Elections – Braden is compiling a list of nominations; some departments don’t have any yet. Braden’s going to email some specific people to ask; will continue to take nominations throughout the GMM. For the election: Braden is not sure about how to make the online voting work; he and Bret and Forrest and Ashley are investigating.


Internal Policies – Forrest is updating. He’ll distribute them via email for officers to approve.


Member Benefits – Danny got a list from Eben of the official AFT member numbers for our members, so that they can access their national benefits. Eric as Communications Chair will try to get people on the Local Member Benefits committee (as well as the Communications Committee for newsletters).


GMM – Tomorrow at 5:30! Sydney and Danny have food plans pretty well set. Angela will put funds on the debit card for purchases. Wren will send individualized email reminders tomorrow morning. We’ve gotten the agenda up on the whiteboard and we like it.


[Executive Session]


OSU Safety Committee – At some point there was a suggestion from someone of having a CGE person on this committee. Bret will share the info he has with Danny.


Campus Group Meetings – The AAUP is tomorrow at 1 PM in Hovland 104. (We thought it was Fridays? Seems to change.) Wren will try to go; Michelle will try to go as well. The SEIU GMM is Thursday at noon; Wren will try to go.


Meeting adjourned at 1:50 PM

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