In attendance: Thomas Morrill, Mindy Crandall, Béatrice Moissinac, Shannon Andrews, Sneha Gantla, Araby Belcher, Lizz Hardardt; web elf Rob Hess via speakerphone; guest member Sean McGregor; Ashley Bromley, Angela McClendon

Meeting called to order at 2:30 PM


Email Decisions – Decided to book the FREE third night at one of the Convention houses.


Minutes from 2-11-2014 Meetings – Approved


Rideshare Emails (with Rob) – The topic finally came up on the Social List that there are a TON of rideshare requests coming across the list. Rob would like to try setting up a page or two on our website where people can post comments that go to an RSS feed. He’ll start on this soon and ask us to try them.


EECS Update (with Sean) – Provost Sabah Randhawa made an executive decision to demote both the college dean and the school head from their leadership positions (they’ll still have their tenured professorships) and appointed some interim leadership. The EECS faculty are still unhappy about not getting a say in their school’s governance.


Steward Council – Meeting tonight! Food & agenda & buttons (!) are ready. There is one steward who is displeased about an email he received reminding him that we hadn’t heard from him or seen him at recent meetings and a note about the constitutional language about missing meetings without prior communication; we discussed how to talk about this (briefly, we hope) at the meeting tonight. Casey Waun appointment: the EC is in favor of appointing her and we’ll take it to the SC for approval.


PhD Movie Recap – There was good turnout! OSU Catering mixed up on which date it was being held. The popcorn maker was a lot of fun and Shannon proposed that CGE buy one to use for our social events. Shannon will investigate a purchase when she has more time.


Arbitration Hearing Date – The AAA arbitrator and Mike Tedesco emailed us with some potential dates. We’ll ask Mike to try to reserve one in May, ASAP.


AGEL – The spring get-together is held in conjunction with the AFT Higher Ed conference. This year it’s April 11-13 in Baltimore. Lizz will be going as a delegate for AFT-Oregon. We’ll ask the stewards if any of them are interested in going.


Ed Ray Meeting – We just now received a request to reschedule Monday’s meeting. Sneha will confirm that 4 PM works for us. She will fill out our list of accomplished items (once she finds it). One thing we’d like to ask about is the rumor of upcoming changes to parking zones and how it would affect our contract provision for staff/faculty passes. Also, Pres Ray’s growth goal of increasing the grad student population by 25%, and whether he’d support a grad student seat on the institutional board in the future (ie, one specifically for undergrads and one specifically for grads).


AFT-OR Convention 2015 Housing – There’s been a move to hold Convention at a facility that matches our ideals (ie, unionized lodging and food). It sounds like there’s only one option in Portland, which is a Hilton. Devin (Sec) has asked AFT-OR locals how many rooms they’d want. Mindy will communicate with him about our estimates and also some of our concerns related to the increased cost.


Solidarity Fair – The event organizers have asked Sneha about what CGE can contribute. We’ll certainly help with turnout as well as bringing some buttons, activities, snacks, etc. They’ve also mentioned extending the collaboration beyond the May Day fair. We’d be happy to help with a  labor movie night.


Equity and Inclusion Hiring – There are four final candidates for the position of Equity Associate who will be presenting (1:15 PM on March 10, 17, 19, 20). Ashley will attend the presentations; Araby might be able to as well.


Trivia Night – Happening tomorrow at 7! Araby and Shannon are finalizing questions. Ashley and Angela will help get the room set up.


Dues Meeting Schedule – We need to decide when the EC and DC will get together. Mindy will send out a doodle poll to make this happen.


Accountability Check-InExternal Relations: Sneha is planning to go to the next CLC meeting.
Bargaining: We’re moving forward in bargaining; Lizz (& Ashley) need to work on an info request.
Organizing: There’s at least one person interested in working on an LGBT caucus. We’ll talk about meeting with department heads at tonight’s SC meeting.
Financial: Quarterly budget review. Thomas will be reconvening the budget committee soon to look at updates related to increased revenue and expenses.

Social: Shannon will publicize the (new) Social List once Rob has it set up. She’s planning to solicit CGE bands for the Great Cover-Up sometime between 2/25 and 3/5.

Communications: The website is functional. Araby & Lizz will plan to get a second newsletter out 2/25. Tonight the stewards will receive all the materials they need to update their areas’ bulletin boards.

AFT Reform: Ashley was going to meet with GTFF & UA but then blizzard. She’s spoken with Dave about some Convention stuff. We’ll put together a delegate primer when we’re closer to Convention.

Upkeep: Ashley has begun her file reorganization. She’s planning to begin soon making sure we have bulletin boards everywhere we ought to (a lot of areas have been rearranged). Ashley & Angela will plan to work with Rob on going over online security next time he’s in town.

Meeting adjourned at 4:20 PM

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