CGE Executive Council Meeting Minutes – October 9, 2012

In attendance: Braden Elliott, Danny Ritter, Sydney Householder, Forrest Parker, Wren Keturi, Michelle Marie, Eric Coker, Bret Seferian, Angela McClendon, Ashley Bromley, Sarah Burke, Shannon Brett from AFT-OR


Meeting called to order at 11:59 AM


Minutes from 9-25-12 and 10-2-12 meetings – Approved


Online Tax Payment – Approved


Ratification – Had a meeting yesterday and members have been voting. Voting is open until noon on Thursday.


Shannon Brett – She’s the Director of Political and Legislative Affairs, here to talk about AFT-OR’s priorities for the upcoming legislative session. Currently she’s working on election. Toward the end of supporting our recognition campaign, she mentions Michael Dembrow (in House, from Portland), as well as a couple of people hoping to be elected (Joe Gallegos and another), who could be willing to help us.


Campaign Update – (with Eben via conference call)

  1. October 25 Action: Eben has reserved a spot for it. He contacted Jobs With Justice about sending people; they have a meeting next Monday at 5:30 and might let us call their activist list (ie, phone banking on the 18th or 19th). At the Rep meeting on the 4th, several people were interested in going. Eben suggests that we tally up the costs, see what we can pay, and ask AFT-OR to cover the rest. He sent us a list of state legislators that we should contact to ask about coming in support of us. Next planning meeting is this Thursday at 10 AM.
  2. Next OC meeting is tomorrow at 9 AM.


Grad Classification – There are some GRAs who were previously in unit, but this year they’re out. Eben thinks we should approach it in the usual procedure.


Brew-Off – Sydney, Dennis, Lauren went to the Odd Fellows Hall yesterday to check out the space. They’re getting volunteers signed up.


SWAG – Buttons: We now have materials for regular buttons, magnets, and bottle openers! Danny will be making some buttons later today. Banner: Wren is working on it and we should be able to order it on Friday or so. Planners: Mindy will be in Portland this weekend and can pick them up. We’ll put $600 on the CGE debit card to pay for them. Wren is really, really excited about planners.


ASOSU – Wren and Danny are meeting with Amelia tomorrow to talk about the Grad Affairs Task Force position.


ASA Support – We received some advice from an AFT-OR attorney suggesting that it could be problematic for CGE to be a co-complainant on a lawsuit. We will, however, write a letter of support.


Rep Meeting Recap – Good turnout. Tacos were a great idea! Got some sign-ups for office visits. Nominations are now open for Steward positions and Braden has received a few. Braden will send an email this week with a little more clarification about what being a Steward involves.


Steward Elections – Braden is investigating online voting procedures; we might be able to do it. The timeline is still the same: nominations through the GMM, then elections the next week.


GMM – Will be on Wednesday the 17th. Food thoughts: going to be chili and cornbread. Bret will email the draft agenda for input.


Tailgate Recap – It went really well. “We were the coolest tailgate on the block.”


Membership Drive – Our two-week push started yesterday. We’ve had pretty good success finding people.


Member Benefits – Specifically, using CGE’s printer. Bret will mention it on the website.


Laurels Grants – [Don’t know what this was.] Danny asked for some info from Jeri; she said she’ll pull it together; Bret will follow up with her if we haven’t gotten info by next week.


HIAC – Questions have come up recently about insurance things.


FML Policy – There are a few things that are not good: can’t use in first year, limit to one use per employment tenure for family illness or loss.


GTA Certification – Last year, CGE wrote an endorsement for this teaching program. We’ll try to get more info and send someone to the faculty senate meeting on the 11th.


Late Appointments – We keep hearing from members that they aren’t getting their assistantships processed promptly, are getting their letters late, and (from one department) that they may not be paid until November. Danny and Bret will talk with Jeri. Matt and Danny will go talk with members.


Grad School Collab – Last year we co-hosted the PhD Movie screening. We’re starting to think about something else we could do together. Don’t have much brain space for this right now.


Meeting adjourned at 2:00 PM

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