CGE Executive Council Meeting Minutes – November 7, 2013

In attendance: Araby Belcher, Lizz Hardardt, Shannon Andrews, Béatrice Moissinac, Mindy Crandall, Thomas Morrill; Ashley Bromley, Angela McClendon

Meeting called to order at 11:33 AM

Minutes from 10-24 and 10-31-2013 Meetings – Approved
Email Decisions – (1) Approved all-member Brew-Off email. (2) Purchase of a few snacks for Trivia Night.


Online Tax Payment – Approved!


Trivia Night Recap – Went well! There were about 24 participants and everyone had fun.


Social Hour – Thomas will be the first Social Hour anchor this afternoon at 4 at Bombs. Shannon will join them a little later.


Writing Center – Shannon met last week with Dennis Bennett from the Writing Center to talk about the upcoming funding cuts for grad student services. He gave us some further info and documents about the history and benefits of having TAs supported there. We’ll bring it up at our next meeting with Ed Ray.


Newsletter – Araby and Ashley emailed drafts but didn’t get much response. We’re going to have to change some things because now it’s been so long since it was first drafted. Lizz will have some time this afternoon to work on bargaining/RA campaign topics. Shannon can look at the social stuff.


Barometer Article – We’re going to take a little time to talk amongst ourselves and the Steward Council before we submit an article about potential “right to work” legislation. (Next SC meeting is next Tuesday the 12th.) The Baro editor is also interested in a column about how grads were impacted by the government shutdown, but no one here is actually interested in writing it. Shannon will ask a few people she knows were affected to see if they’re interested.


Steward Council – Next Tuesday here at Westmin. Béatrice won’t be there to facilitate but she asked Michelle Jennings and she’s willing to. Béatrice and Ashley have put together an agenda. Shannon and Ashley will buy some food (and thaw some leftovers) on Monday. (Note: we used more than a third of our GMM budget line for the Fall GMM, so we’re glad to reuse some of the leftovers for the SC.)


Bargaining – Ashley has rounded up a bunch of volunteers for the next B-Team! Next Tuesday, Lizz and Ashley will meet with Jeri Hemmer and David Blake for the initial starting-up conversation. Then on Tuesday the 19th, there’s a meeting with HR to continue the discussion on length of appointments.


Dues Deduction Errors – About 53 members had $10 “associate” dues deducted for October. Also, a bunch of members were classified as fairshare payers instead of dues payers. Ashley and Angela are trying to communicate with HR and Payroll to make sure it’s corrected for November.


Lizz for AFT-OR EC – We’re excited to nominate her for the open VP seat. She’ll be given a couple minutes to speak at their EC meeting next Friday the 15th.


Brew-Off – It’s SATURDAY! Everyone has a task. If you don’t know yours, check your email. Or ask Shannon or Ashley.


Meeting adjourned at 12:33 PM

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