CGE Executive Council Meeting Minutes – August 28, 2013

In attendance: Mindy Crandall, Thomas Morrill, Béatrice Moissinac, Shannon Andrews, and Eric Coker via speakerphone; Ashley Bromley, Angela McClendon

Meeting called to order at 3:00 PM

Minutes from 8-21-13 meeting – Approved
Email Decisions – CGE to pay up to $10 per person for lunch with Brenda.


Orientation Question – Staff from one of the colleges mentioned to Angela that many of their new grads hear the CGE presentation 2 or 3 times in the fall, because of orientations at multiple levels and venues. We really need to keep the smaller meetings with grads because we can customize the presentation more for them, and they’re a space where people feel freer asking and discussing CGE stuff. We’ll work on putting together slightly different, more general information for the college-wide meetings, so we can be sure to talk to everyone but not be redundant.


GTA Resource Fair – This is a lunchtime session on September 20th. It’s important to have quite a few people there, so EC folks should get it in their schedules now!


Swag – Ashley priced a bunch of options for t-shirts, stickers, and mugs. Now it’s time to decide what to buy. We can get some of each and still stay within our budget! Ashley will order the t-shirts (about $480) and get more detailed pricing on the mugs. Shannon will work on a sticker design.


Ed Ray Meeting – This is next Tuesday, September 3rd, at 10 AM. Things to talk about: institutional boards (unavoidable); campus health and safety; some discrimination issues we’ve heard about recently. Officers who are going will meet here at Westmin and walk to campus together.


Fall Meeting Schedule – Ashley is working on this, but she still needs info from a couple more folks.


Office Visit Software – Rob made it happen! Ashley has started using it already and likes it. Béatrice is going to put together a tutorial for the organizer training next Thursday the 5th. Now we need to think about investing in a (cheap) CGE tablet or two for office visit teams to use.  We’ll revisit this next week when we have some firmer numbers.


Lunch with Brenda and Courtney – Mindy thinks that the meeting was very good for generating connections and good will between the grad school and CGE. One topic that came up was grad student exit surveys. We’ll think about doing this again in the spring.


Forum on Student Debt – This is in Portland on October 12th. Eric & Mindy would be interested in going, and Lizz had expressed interest as well. (When this meeting happened in the spring, several CGE people registered but none of them actually attended.) AFT-Oregon is willing to pay for lodging in Portland the night before. We’ll revisit this in a couple weeks to decide whether to publish it to the all-member list.


Officer Photos for Website – Araby and Ashley are collecting these. Turn in one you like or they’ll use whatever they see first on fbook!


AFT-Oregon EC – Next meeting is September 21st in Portland. We expect Kevin will be able to attend and Ashley may be available as well.


Fall Social Hours – When shall we have them? And where? Bombs Away is a good location (and we’re working with them about a CGE member benefit, which would be great). We’ll go with Thursdays this term, stay with 4 – 6, and stay with Bombs for now.


Bargaining Update – We had a good session on Monday. The next session is tomorrow – and it may be the last one!


Executive Session


Meeting adjourned at 4:15 PM

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