In attendance: Mindy Crandall, Sneha Gantla, Béatrice Moissinac, Thomas Morrill, Araby Belcher, Shannon Andrews; guest members Ben Wishnek, Sean McGregor; Ashley Bromley, Angela McClendon; guest Debra Mayo-Kelley, new AFT-OR field rep

Meeting called to order at 2:35 PM


Minutes from 1-28 and 2-4-2014 Meetings – Approved


Online Tax Payment – Approved online payment of January federal payroll tax


Winter School Debrief with Ben – He had a good time learning about leadership and unions, and he felt it would be a valuable experience for other stewards in the future. Takeaways: CGE has a good leadership system in place. Our high turnover for members, stewards, and officers is a difficulty; finding replacements is key. We should be deliberate in asking members what kinds of involvement would be worthwhile in their busy schedules. Ben and Ashley felt it was beneficial having a large CGE contingent there this year.


Dues Restructure Process with Sean – Lots of conversation about what happened at the GMM and why. In the future, we would like to have a special EC meeting with the dues committee just for this so we can have a longer discussion. We’re going to send out the all-member email recap of the GMM this week; Araby is just about done with it.


Fair Share Notice – Ashley will email new winter term employees to let them know about the rate and the refund request process.


Accountability Check-In – We need to do this but we’re running out of time at today’s meeting. Next time!


PhD Comic Movie – It’s happening this Thursday evening! We’ll send an all-member email tomorrow and Shannon will put a reminder on the Social List and the fbook group.


Trivia Night – Happening on Wednesday the 19th. Araby will be running it with Jim [name]. Shannon will also help get the questions all finalized.


Grad Lobby Day for Institutional Boards – This will be happening at the Capitol on Monday the 17th, with a block in the morning and in the afternoon. Shannon is interested in going; Sean and Araby maybe might be able to go; Ashley and Béatrice will think of a few individuals to target-ask.


Steward Council – Coming up soon: next Tuesday the 18th! Shannon is developing a plan for food. We have an agenda (that keeps getting longer). Need to send a rep list email ASAP.


Convention Housing 2014 – Ashley has found two houses very close together. We’d like to book ‘em!


Convention Housing 2015 – AFT-Oregon is looking at different venues for next year’s Convention. We’ll talk about this next week.


Professional Development Fund – The EC needs to clear up some language regarding this part of their proposed employment agreement with Ashley. They want her to be able to use some money to choose training or development events, but also to have money specified for something like AGEL or CGEU.


Executive Session


Meeting adjourned at 4:40 PM

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