CGE Wins Paid Family Leave, COLA, Salary Raise, Expanded Gender-Neutral Restrooms and Locker Rooms

TLDR: CGE’s bargaining team and a dedicated audience bargained for nearly 17 hours, finishing a little after 6:30am Thursday morning. […]

CGE Gears up for Final Confrontation: Our Team Persists Despite OSU’s Steadfast Opposition to COLA and Support for Families

TLDR: Nearing the end of bargaining negotiations, CGE and OSU reached five tentative agreements while critical issues regarding cost of […]

Bargaining Our Contract: Celebrate & Support the Team!

Our twenty member bargaining team – aided by thirty contract action team members, active CGE members, staff – have volunteered […]

Team Admin Continues to Fail at Gender Neutral Restroom Access – Does OSU Give a Sh*t?

TLDR: Wednesday’s session was again contentious, but what does OSU admin expect when they continue to rake in massive salaries, […]

OSU cuts COLA in pandemic, says childcare does not attract “top talent”

TLDR: CGE won important language on sick leave, but good news was overshadowed by OSU’s proposed elimination of our cost […]

More Wins from CGE, More Pandemic Exploitation from OSU

TLDR: CGE won increased notice of work assignments for grad workers and enhanced protections against being asked to scab for […]

CGE signs three tentative agreements, more coming soon!

TLDR: CGE made some major gains in protecting our jobs, increasing steward representation, and improving employment letters. We have reached […]

CGE Wins Improved Sick-Leave Benefits, Continues to Push for a Living Wage and Housing Security

TLDR: On Friday CGE and OSU had our first bargaining session of the Spring 2020 term, and for the first […]

OSU Proposes Pay Cuts; CGE Wins Reimbursements for DACA Grad Workers

In yesterday’s jam-packed session, while CGE scored a victory in receiving DACA renewal fee reimbursements, OSU admin brought counter proposals showing a complete disregard for our needs related to housing, childcare, gender-neutral restrooms, and training for graduate supervisors. And they want to cut our COLA! While some battles have been won, there remains more work to do. The fight continues into spring!

AFT-OR Recognizes the Hardships of Graduate Employees, Will OSU?

TLDR: Jaime Rodriguez, president of the Oregon state affiliate of the American Federation of Teachers (AFT-OR,) showed support for CGE […]

CGE Says No to the Status Quo!

TLDR: OSU wants to maintain the status quo despite compelling testimony from members, and they still refuse to engage with CGE’s […]

Winter Negotiations Have Begun!

TLDR: OSU’s bargaining team continued to show disrespect for the collective bargaining process by showing up late, and they proceeded […]

OSU Requests Respectful Negotiations While Being Disrespectful

TLDR: On Friday’s Dec. 6th bargaining session, CGE continued working to improve graduate employees’ lives by presenting proposals on Restrooms and […]

CGE-OSU Negotiations Strengthened by Powerful Testimonies! Graduate workers share their stories, and how a better contract would improve lives.

TLDR: Graduate workers shared emotional testimonies about abuses suffered at OSU and the lack of institutional support. CGE is fighting […]

Audio Blog! What To Expect on Nov. 15 and What’s Happened So Far

Listen to our audio blog with B-team member, Sarah Erickson (she/her or they/them), about our proposals submitted so far and […]

CGE-OSU Negotiations Continue! With the next round of strong contract proposals from CGE

TLDR: Another high turnout from the CGE membership, as CGE’s bargaining team presented proposals and graduate employees gave testimony about […]

CGE-OSU Negotiations Have Begun! and OSU’s bargaining team came prepared (to discriminate)

TLDR: OSU’s bargaining team failed to uphold diversity and inclusion by refusing to allow recording or live-streaming of bargaining sessions. […]

OSU Concedes to Strong CGE Pressure, First Bargaining Session Scheduled!

TLDR: 17 CGE members attended a meeting with President Ed Ray on 9/10, urging him to initiate bargaining prior to […]

OSU, Start Negotiations!

CGE is ready, but OSU is refusing to start bargaining with us.