In attendance: Zhian Kamvar, Thomas Morrill, Clint Mattox, Kris Osterloh, Chris Mihiar, Vance Almquist; Ashley Bromley, Angela McClendon

Meeting called to order at 5:30 PM

Minutes from 9-23-2015 Meeting – Approved.

Email Decisions – Approved all-member email about BBQ.

Welcome BBQ Debrief – There were a LOT!!! of people, maybe 500-ish. We ran out of food and drink and had to buy more of both. We need to start charcoal grills a lot earlier; Kris suggests buying chimneys for improving the process. We also need to buy some grilling implements (spatulas! long handles!). Vance & Kris will shop at Goodwill. Next time, we should plan to purchase some stuff day-of (like the burgers and buns) so we don’t need as much fridge & freezer space, and maybe shopping at Costco to save money. Vance also suggests we might be able to save some money on beer by asking people in the Fermentation Science department; he’ll take the lead on this. There were a couple negative incidents: Clint saw someone unknown to us take a 24-pack of the refill beer away on his bike; when he came back to get more, Clint asked him to leave; he tried again but saw Clint watching and left. A woman who is not a member or student, and who also came to the EOY BBQ, made another of our guests uncomfortable (we don’t know the details). She also had a bit too much to drink and got pukey; a couple of CGE members gave her a ride home. This raised the question of whether CGE would have liability for someone who drove from our event after drinking and caused injury. Ashley will look into our current liability insurance policy and see if we should get additional event insurance.

Oregon AFL-CIO Convention – The CGE president and secretary-treasurer sign the credential card for our delegate, Kris Osterloh, to attend the convention October 23-25. Kris is still going to ask AFT-OR to see if they’ll pay for some (or all?) of his hotel room.

ASOSU Grad Affairs TFD – Kris invited Jeff Baxter to the EC meeting, but there was some confusion about the timing. Kris will invite Jeff to next week’s meeting.

Next Week’s EC Meeting – Next Tuesday is already occupied by the Steward Council meeting. We will instead have the EC meeting on Thursday, October 8, at 5:30.

Steward Council Meeting – This is next Tuesday!

  • Agenda: Bargaining survey. Paid sick leave negotiation results. Ask the Steward Council to create a process for members to propose resolutions to CGE. AGEL: getting people excited about going to Portland and to workshops. Solidarity with Steelworkers. Office visits. GMM: date, agenda, turnout.
  • Food: Chili and cornbread! Ashley will shop. Zhian, Kris, & Thomas will cook.
  • Turnout: Vance will send an email tomorrow to the SC list with a link to the lovely google form Ashley created for RSVPs. Ashley will send individual reminders next week.

Student Incidental Fee Committee – At the BBQ, we heard from Sami Al-Abdrabbuh (grad student in MIME) that ASOSU’s House will be voting on a policy change (already approved by the Senate) to go from electing SIFC delegates to having the ASOSU President appoint them. Sami asked us if there are some CGE people who could go to this week’s House meeting (7 PM every Wednesday) to speak about the policy change. CGE has historically worked for increases in transparency and democratic processes like elections, in our own organization and for our affiliates. Clint & Vance will go tomorrow.

Social Hour – The first is next Monday, October 5; Kris will host and will email the Social List by early Monday afternoon. Thomas & Zhian will host on the 15th.

Undergrad Guest Lectures – At the Strategic Retreat, we talked about finding an undergrad class where a CGE representative could give a lecture about the history and current presence of unions. Stephanie has started thinking about doing this. Ashley has clearer direction from the EC now and will help figure it out.

Budget Review – Angela wanted to get a full quarterly budget report ready this morning but the computer was not being cooperative and she ran out of time. We’ll talk about the overall budget more at the next meeting. Specifically for the Welcome BBQ, it looks like our total spent is about $2,700, which is a couple hundred over the budget of $2,500 (or half of the two-BBQ budget of $5,000). However, we just got back most of our deposit on the kegs that we were slow to return from the EOY BBQ in June. With that, we’re actually under budget!

Accountability Check-InOrganizing: Vance & Ashley will be meeting in area groups with all the stewards this Thursday & Friday. In those meetings, they’re hoping to take care of a lot of the tasks in this box, like dividing big areas into smaller groups, developing a structure for dept meetings, and creating a functioning organizing committee. Bargaining: B-Team training happened last Saturday (it was really good). The bargaining survey team is meeting tomorrow; SC input on the survey will be requested over email. Social: The Welcome Back BBQ happened and it was huge! External Relations: Clint went to the LBL-CLC meeting last week; they did some work getting their constitution up to date and improved their process of electing officers. Chris & Stephanie participated in the AGEL call on September 10th. Clint & Béatrice will go meet with PSU-GEU on Friday for a solidarity social. Communications: Stephanie has started working on the undergrad lecture. Financial: See previous on budget review. AFT-OR: Kris went to the AFT-OR EC meeting a couple weeks ago. Member organizing development. Next Convention will be at Chinook Winds Casino in Lincoln City. Brew-Off: Designs have been finalized and orders started. The B-O committee is still working to identify Master Brewers, in conversation with CYA Security about having a 3rd security person, and still working on securing donations. Promotions and press will start soon. Unfortunately we might not have many brewers from GTFF this year. Accountability: Quarterly check-in happening now. Drafting affirmative action plan for CCGEE-CGE CBA: Thomas & Stephanie will work on this from the CGE side; Ashley does not have time in the next month to work on it; we’ll plan to revisit this item in November.

AFT-Oregon Organizing Training – CGE members are invited to AFT-OR’s training in Portland on October 11th or in Eugene on October 18th. AFT-OR is also willing to hold an additional training in Corvallis. The EC feels that we’ll be asking our stewards & members to put a lot of time into really important CGE stuff in those weeks (office visits, participation in AGEL) and it could be detrimental to CGE if we ask them to participate in AFT-OR’s events. Clint wants to attend the Eugene session and promises that he’ll still help with office visits.

All-Member Email – Ashley has drafted an email to send out ASAP about health insurance enrollment, graduate writing center open house, Brew-Off, and social hours. The EC approves the text from Ashley and Thomas will send the email.

Meeting adjourned at 7 PM. Next meeting will be Thursday, October 8, at 5:30 PM.

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