In attendance: Vance Almquist, Thomas Morrill, Chris Mihiar, Clint Mattox, Stephanie Parreira, Zhian Kamvar, Kris Osterloh (late!); Ashley Bromley, Angela McClendon

Meeting called to order at 5:05 PM

Minutes from 9-17-2015 Meeting – Approved.

Email Decisions – (1) Set Fall 2015 EC meetings for 5:30 on Tuesdays. (2) Approved going forward with a delegate election for the Oregon AFL-CIO Convention, pending further discussion tonight.

Bargaining Update – There was a bargaining update yesterday afternoon. We’ve repeatedly proposed language about the issue of RAs not being able to “self-substitute” and the OSU admin team had repeatedly rejected it. Over the weekend, the CGE team agreed that they’d compromise on it with language that RAs won’t be required to work additional hours to make up for time taken off for sick leave. The B-Team feels like overall the deal is pretty good: it is better than the legal minimum in several ways, especially leave being pre-loaded each term and the option of leave donation. At yesterday’s session, the two sides TA’d the article after about 5 minutes. The B-Team has prepared a notice to be sent to the members about ratification. The EC approves the language of the notice and Thomas will send the all-member email tomorrow.

Welcome BBQ – Many details to discuss!

  • Dishes: Usually we have BBQs on Fridays, with all of Saturday to get dishes done and the kitchen cleaned before the Sunday group needs the building. But this time with a Saturday BBQ, we need to think about using paper plates because it would be really challenging to wash all the dishes before Sunday morning. The EC approves using compostable paper plates and bowls this time. (Kris plans to take them for his giant compost bin and will deal with sorting out recyclables that people will inevitably mix in.) We’ll still plan to use our mason jars (supplemented, as always necessary, with Solo cups).
  • Face-painting: Beulah is interested and available from 7-9 PM.
  • Jockeyboxes: We will get 2 this time so we can have one at good beer pressure and one at good cider pressure. We will also make sure the beer is colder than last time (but not frozen!).
  • Music: Zhian forwarded an email from a new-to-us band called Polar Echo who would like to play. (Ashley invited Jeremy, but he’ll be out of town again this weekend.) Zhian will confirm with Polar Echo that we’d like them to play at 7. Jocko Homomorphism will play at 8, and Meatbomb will play at 8:45.
  • Turnout plan: All-member email Friday (Stephanie) including shirt info (bring your ID w/CGE sticker). Social List emails Thursday (Stephanie) & Saturday (Zhian) including shirt info. Fbook reminders: everyone will invite their friends (everyone); reposts Thursday (Chris) & Saturday (Ashley). Stewards list: Clint will email tomorrow to remind them to invite grads in their areas.
  • Thursday shopping: Zhian, Clint, & Ashley will go tomorrow at 5:30.
  • Friday food prep: Zhian, Ashley, Vance, possibly Stephanie, & possibly Allison Dorko will cook at Westmin on Friday starting at noon.
  • Saturday set-up: Kris will acquire booze, ice, and jockeyboxes. Zhian, Stephanie, & Chris will transport stuff from Westmin to BBQ at 4:30 and ceremonially light the grills ASAP.
  • Clean-up: Zhian, Chris, Kris, Clint, Angela, & whoever else is still available with a car will take everything away.

PSU Social & Home Visits – We received an email from one of the PSU grad organizers inviting a couple CGE people to attend their welcome social next Friday, October 2 (and speak for a few minutes about CGE/grad union solidarity). Clint is interested in going and will ask the Stewards list to see if anyone wants to go along.

Oregon AFL-CIO Convention – Clint & Kris feel strongly about CGE sending a delegate to this convention next month. To hold an election, we’d have to mail out notices on Friday to our current list of active members, which is a summer list and doesn’t even include any officers. We need some more flexible language in the Constitution about delegates elected/appointed at times when we don’t have a suitable member list. For now, the EC agrees that this year, we will just send Kris, who is automatically eligible to be a delegate by virtue of his office as president.

ASOSU Grad Affairs TFD – We were emailed by Jeff Baxter, the new Grad Affairs Task Force Director. He’s trying to put together a task force to meet throughout the year to address issues facing grad students at OSU. Kris will invite him to meet with us at the next EC meeting and talk about what he has in mind for collaboration.

Transfer from Money Market – We’ve ended up spending more this summer than Angela had predicted when she transferred money to the reserves in July. The EC approves Angela transferring $10,000 to checking to be sure we have enough available for everything we need to pay for in the next several weeks (like swag and Brew-Off stuff).

Steward Council Meeting – Tomorrow morning, Vance will email the SC list a note to “save the date” for the October 6 SC meeting.

Prep for Accountability Check-In – We’re going to have our quarterly check-in at next week’s EC meeting, so officers should review their lists and get stuff done!

AFT-Oregon EC Meeting – Kris attended this meeting last week and will write up notes for us on Monday. Specifically, he let us know that Jeff Grider from PCC Classified will be the new AFT-OR Treasurer. (No emailed nominations were made, and Jeff was nominated from the floor at the meeting.)

Meeting adjourned at 6:10 PM

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