CGE Executive Council Meeting Minutes – December 18, 2012

In attendance: Danny Ritter, Eric Coker, Michelle Marie, Sydney Householder, Wren Keturi (via hangout); Angela McClendon, Ashley Bromley, Sarah Burke (in office)

Meeting called to order at 12:15 PM

Minutes from 12-11-12 meeting – Approved

Email Decisions – None this week.

Campaign Update – Ashley and Sarah have been going around with “vote yes” petitions. It’s a little hard to find people right now but those who are here are having good conversations. Still no ERB decision.

Budget Update – Forrest is traveling today and can’t join us. We’ll do this in January.

ASOSU Issue Update – Brenda doesn’t want to deal with it and will move it to HR. Jeri is arguing against our position based on issues about advisors(?). Danny will talk with Eben some more because it seems like they didn’t follow the right process. Ashley mentions that Jeri’s argument is not based in CGE’s recognition agreement.

Zoology Issue – Danny doesn’t have an update, but he says he’d feel comfortable talking with any of the affected grads when he’s back. Ashley mentions that she and Sarah have been meeting with some of them in the last couple weeks and they are newly aware of and interested in the issue. Danny will get a meeting set up for January.

New SMED Issue – We’re not entirely sure what’s happening, but there’s some confusion about assistantships in this department. Danny will try to get more details.

Hiring Process Update – The committee is going to have phone interviews with some candidates tomorrow. After that, Wren would like (she’ll talk with the hiring committee to make sure they’re ok with this) some EC input about going forward for in-person interviews.

[Executive Session]

Alternative Transportation – We got an email from someone about a local project to get more people using not-cars to get around.

Winter School – Registration discount deadline is coming up in a couple weeks. Wren will follow up with Forrest to make sure our understanding of the budget allows us to send several people. Then the EC will decide on a number over email and Angela can get registrations in.

Labor Law Conference – We think the LBL-CLC will be able to send Daniel. Wren will follow up with him, and with Forrest to make sure we can send another person. Registration is DUE by DECEMBER 28 so we need to determine this ASAP!

AFT-Oregon Delegate Notice – We’ll send this out in early January and put an info page on the website.

Convention – Some of our AFT-OR allies would like to work together to advance our common goals. We need to talk with some people about running for open positions.

LBL-CLC – Next meeting is January 2 and no one from CGE will be able to go.

Alta Gracia – Eric and Wren met with Rachel to talk about this campaign to get OSU to purchase union-made apparel. We’ll co-host a film screening and send a letter of support to Ed Ray.

Schedules – Angela will email out a doodle poll.

Communications Committee – Eric thinks they can get a newsletter (the “Rabble Rouser”) sent out in January. This reminds Wren that we should nominate ourselves for the Communications: Social Media award from AFT-OR.

Office Update – The rooms are no longer quarantined, but there’s no floor or walls yet. We’ll see about having a move-in party when the term starts.

Meeting adjourned at 1:30 PM

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