Bargaining begins tomorrow, Monday, January 25th, 2-4pm in Westminster House, McLean Room. We’ll be meeting OSU administrators at the bargaining table to work toward a FAIRER OSU that includes:


Family-Friendly Employment

Graduate school should be made accessible to those with families through access to flexible and affordable childcare and tuition and fee relief for partners and dependents seeking to further their own education.


Adequate and Safe Workspace

All graduate employees need to have access to a safe and clean office space which allows privacy for assisting student during office hours.


International Student Support

INTO tuition waivers for English language courses and SEVIS1 fee relief would offset the expensive arrival of international students and be a better way to welcome newcomers to our community.


Reliable Employment

Graduate employees need advance notice of their job assignment in order to prepare for their work, and longer contracts to protect their continued funding.


Equitable Healthcare

Graduate employees should pay for their health insurance premiums at the same rate as all other university employees, with increased benefits, automatic annual enrollment, and access to health insurance during a one-term gap in employment.


Real Compensation

Graduate employees deserve fair compensation for their service to Oregon State University, including cost of living raises which reflect the true rate of inflation in Corvallis, a livable minimum wage, and step pay raises which account for increases in experience.


Can’t attend bargaining? Have something to add to the conversation? Follow along and add your own voice using #FAIRERosu.

1SEVIS- Fee required by international students to be entered into Homeland Security database.

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