In attendance: Ashley Bromley, Mindy Crandall, Sean McGregor, Jack Day, Wren Keturi, Bret Seferian,
Angela McClendon, Eben Pullman, Shari Walton, Lauren Atwell

Meeting called to order at 10:08 AM

Things We Voted on in Email – Approval of food purchase for Convention delegate meeting: check.

ASOSU Event – Discussion, started in email last week, of paying for catering for a grad reception for
ASOSU, in return for their help in reserving the MU Quad for us. Jack moves to spend that money; Ashley
seconds. Vote is unanimous in favor.

Convention Prep – (1) Second delegate meeting will be at 5 PM on Sunday the 8th at WestM. Logistics of
travel will be worked on then. (2) Five of CGE’s seven resolutions were, somehow, filed under “bylaw
amendments” instead. Mindy is going to talk with David Rives to get them put back in resolutions where
they belong. (3) We have received everyone’s committee assignments. (4) Still haven’t gotten access to
percaps spreadsheet. Now too late to get us on the agenda for the EC meeting. Will still try to figure out
what’s up with the proposal because the numbers don’t add up right. Will try to amend the EC’s percaps
plan in committee to make it better: option A is it comes out for amendment (good!), option B is it comes
out as written (bad!) in which case we’ll try to kill it.

New Business: IRS Penalty – Form 990 was submitted electronically on time but Sean didn’t see the part
where we also had to fax a signed cover sheet. Sean moves to approve the $300 contingency to pay the
penalty in the event that it is not waived; Ashley seconds. Vote is unanimous in favor.

SEIU Tax Day Action – Seems like they’re not going to do it after all.

Review of Strategic Goals – Ashley moves to table it until Mindy and Matt are back; Jack seconds. Vote
is unanimous in favor.

End-of-Year Party – Bret suggests we think about setting a date soon. Last year’s party was Thursday,
June 9th. This year’s analogue would be Thursday, June 14th. We’ll talk more later.

Strategic Retreat Timing – Last year’s was right before the start of the school year, which was a good
way to get started on the year, but the late-summer timing seemed to detract from attendance and also
meant that the first 3 months of the FY went by without having been goal-set. Ashley moves that we plan
the StratRet for early in summer break (specific date to be set in a future meeting); Wren seconds. Vote is
unanimous in favor.

Graduate Assistant Project – We’ll put a call out to provide anonymous salary data to the project in the
next all member email.

Email Back-Up – Some of our record-keeping addresses will be filling their quotas soon. We’ll have to
clear out some older stuff eventually to make room for current stuff.

Computer File Back-Up – Bret’s computer has a LOT of files on it. The problem is that not all of them
are important enough to keep in online storage, and we’ll pay by the GB, so Bret needs to spend some time
determining which ones are that important. Ashley moves to initially back up all the files, and then after the
term Bret will sort through them to decrease our monthly fees; Wren seconds. Vote is unanimous in favor.

Anarchy! – Everyone voted to stop using the rules for the rest of the meeting.

Elections – Legit elections have to be announced via postal mail to home addresses. Sean suggests that if
we’re stuck doing this, we might as well include other info too, like reminders of social events and maybe
some uniony lit. These need to be postmarked by next Thursday the 12th.

ASOSU Campaigns and Endorsements – If we want to work on this, we’ll have to get started quickly.
Jack thinks making an endorsement has too many downsides and suggests putting out lots of information
on the candidates instead.

Meeting adjourned at 12 PM

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