In attendance: Gloria Ambrowiak, Thomas Morrill, Alisha Jones, Shannon Andrews, Drew Hatlen, Béatrice Moissinac, Kris Osterloh; officers-elect Chris Mihiar, Stephanie Parreira; Ashley Bromley, Angela McClendon

Meeting called to order at 11:03 AM

Minutes from 5-22-2015 Meeting – Approved

Email Decisions – (1) Approved all-member email. (2) “No thanks” to additional AFT promo/benefits materials.

Social Hour Debrief – We had two tables filled at our Social Hour on Memorial Day! Béatrice will anchor the next, last one of the year, next Friday, June 5th.

Student Seat on the Board of Trustees – Drew talked to Taylor, the current ASOSU Pres. He was asked by the governor’s office a few weeks ago to put forward a name to replace him on the Board; they gave him a week’s notice and he was unable to suggest someone in that time. The process of selecting a new student seat-holder will pass to the incoming ASOSU Pres (Cassie) to decide. We would like to have some input on the selection. The next confirmation hearing for this will be in the fall, so we will talk about it more later. We’ll plan to email the members list about this opportunity.

Grad Affairs Task Force Director – ASOSU has not gotten any applications for this job yet (probably because there’s no tuition remission). We’ll email the members list about this along with the above.

Solidarity Fair – This is tomorrow! Noon to 4:30.

  • Spotlight: Thomas and Ashley have been planning the spotlight conversation about funding for higher education. They’ll make a visually compelling demonstration about the way public funding has changed and the changes to the proportions of academic staff vs administrative staff.
  • Food plan: Ashley has done most of the food prep already. Tomorrow we’ll need someone to cook the veggie burgers and chop veggies. Shannon and Chris will do those. They’ll also get ice.
  • Setup/transport: Shannon & Chris will do food transport, aiming to have food there at 11:30. Sean will meet Ashley at Westmin in the morning to bring the supplies and other stuff.
  • Tabling: Thomas, Shannon, Gloria, Stephanie, and Ashley plan to be there the whole time.
  • Kids’ stuff: Ashley reminds us we need to keep the kids’ activities table staffed. The EC strongly approves using some of CGE’s button-making supplies for this.
  • Promotion: Thomas will send an email tonight. Shannon will email tomorrow morning.

We wish Kris a happy birthday and enjoy some tasty pie!

BBQ – This is Friday, June 12th.

  • Menu: Gloria is planning on burgers and beer brats. Shannon will give Gloria the potato salad recipe. There will also be coleslaw. Kris will help with Costco shopping on Thursday the 11th. (Ashley will contribute to the shopping list with the general supplies we need to restock.)
  • Beer/cider/etc: We’ll plan on 2 full kegs of nice beer and 2 full kegs of cider. We’ll also have some wine and liquor. Ashley will reserve kegs and Kris will pick them up.
  • Music: Jocko Homomorphism and Meatbomb will play.
  • Member recognition: Steward of the Year (Nikki: an Interzone gift card, a French book Béatrice recommends). RWH Looong Term Service (Forrest: CGE onesie, bottle of milk). JJOV Looong Term Service (Lauren: a sour beer, photo frame). We’ll plan to give the awards at about 6 PM to try to maximize attention.
  • Kickball: We do have a field reserved for the afternoon. Ashley is meeting with Janet this afternoon to finalize the plan.
  • Kids’ stuff: The shelter is pretty near a playground. Chris will go to the dollar store with a $10 budget to get fun things. Ashley will ask the woman who’s doing facepainting at the Solidarity Fair if she’s available for a couple hours for the BBQ.

Alliance Meeting – There’s a meeting of the Alliance for a Socially Just University at noon on Wednesday, June 3rd. Thomas and Kris plan to go.

Meeting adjourned at 12 PM

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