In attendance: Thomas Morrill, Alisha Jones, Gloria Ambrowiak, Shannon Andrews, Kris Osterloh; officers-elect Zhian Kamvar, Clint Mattox, Vance Almquist; Ashley Bromley, Angela McClendon

Meeting called to order at 6:05 PM

Minutes from 6-5-2015 Meeting – Approved

Email Decisions – (1) Set this week’s EC meeting time for RIGHT NOW. (2) Approved staff’s health insurance renewal. (3) Cancelled kickball tournament due to lack of signups. (4) Approved face-painting expense change for EOY BBQ.

EOY BBQ Debrief – This was last Friday the 12th and it was great! Lots of families/kids were there: the face painting was very popular. All 500 protein units were eaten. We really liked using the Lions Shelter this time. The shelter was roomier and people loved the long table. In the future we might reconsider where we set up the bands. The amount of beer was just right, the amount of cider was actually a little too much, and we filled up the propane prior to the BBQ – so there weren’t ANY beer or supply runs during the BBQ! We also expect to be a little bit under budget once we get back our keg deposits.

AFT-OR Meeting Debrief – Kris went to the AFT-OR EC meeting in Eugene on the morning of Friday the 12th. Treasurer’s note: AFT-OR went over budget due to legislation/election-related spending. They approved spending $150,000 on commissioning the building of a new database.

Fair Share Arbitration Update – The hearing will be this Friday morning at 10 AM. Ashley and Angela met this morning with Haley from Tedesco Law Group to talk about it. Mike will not be able to attend the hearing this time, because he’s just been called away to bargaining in Alaska.

Officer Transitions – Everyone needs to be meeting with their counterparts!

Strategic Retreat – This will be NEXT weekend, the 26th – 28th. All the outgoing-incoming officer pairs have a shared agenda item they’ll need to be prepared for. Look in your email for that! We’ll need to shop for the retreat, probably on the 25th. Ashley will work on menu planning and send a shopping list to Zhian & Thomas. We don’t yet have definite numbers on kids in attendance, but when Ashley’s able to finalize that with the parents, she’ll send a child care cost estimate across the EC email list.

Paid Sick Leave Impact Bargaining – The Oregon legislature has just passed a paid sick leave bill for all employers with 10+ employees (whether full or part-time). Depending on when the legislation takes effect, it’s possible that we’ll need to do some impact bargaining with OSU this summer/fall.

NW Leadership Forum – This is a training event July 30 – August 2, hosted by AFT-OR, AFT-WA, and OSEA. It would be great for CGE to send a few people who are interested in learning more about bargaining, developing leaders, communications, and other union topics. Hotel deadline is July 6.

Accountability Check-In – Shannon introduces the new officers to our Strategic Goals.
•    Organizing: Caucus meeting didn’t happen. 70% membership wasn’t reached. All programs represented on SC didn’t happen. Benefits letter still hasn’t been developed. Student housing event: Ashley has started talking with Azaher Molla (Public Health steward) about collaborating on something kid-friendly over the summer.
•    Social: We had a great BBQ! We didn’t have a poster session with the grad school. We haven’t yet sent an email about donating furniture (instead of throwing it away); we could still do that this summer.
•    Communications: We’re still under 800 facebook group members (not up to 1,000). We decided last term not to even try getting to 500 twitter followers. Update bulletin boards: hasn’t happened yet. Distribute iconic posters: haven’t been created yet. AFT-OR Federation News story: we’ve gotten lots of photos, but not a story. [Shannon has a great idea about getting a story in about our awesome annual Strategic Retreats.]
•    Bargaining: Circulating the survey doesn’t make sense yet; we’ll want to do that in the fall. Thomas has gotten several volunteers for the B-Team and is working on getting some more.
•    External Relations: Clint has gotten his authorization letter to be CGE’s delegate to the CLC meetings; Alisha will convey the news that he’s taking over that role. AGEL calls: Chris has been participating.
•    AFT-Oregon: Attended the AFT-OR EC meeting.
•    Brew-Off: We have identified a Brew-Off chair: Shannon! We haven’t set the date yet.
•    Office Upkeep: Check-in: happening now!
•    Financial: Budget review: happening now. EC says: looks good. Budget committee for FY 15-16 is meeting this Thursday evening.

Summer Scheduling – Hey everyone! Send your summer schedules to Ashley!

Executive Session – CGE and CCGEE have agreed on, ratified, and signed their first collective bargaining agreement! Both parties feel that this was a very positive contract negotiation experience.

Meeting adjourned at 7:28 PM

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