In attendance: Alisha Jones, Thomas Morrill, Gloria Ambrowiak, Kris Osterloh, Shannon Andrews; officers-elect Clint Mattox, Zhian Kamvar; Ashley Bromley, Angela McClendon

Meeting called to order at 11:05 AM

Minutes from 5-29-2015 Meeting – Didn’t get to these.

Email Decisions – None this week.

Board of Trustees Debrief – These meetings happened last Thursday and Friday. The Board is already preparing for 2018’s 150th anniversary by spending a lot of money on commemorative books and exhibits (nearly $1 million so far, with another $5 million planned). Ed Ray did get his 9% raise approved. Ashley was glad to see a few student groups represented. Luciana spoke about the Divest movement and David spoke about ASAP! things. Someone else spoke about OSU’s current branding campaign that’s troublesome in respect to US neocolonialism and unilateralism. Many of the Board members acknowledged that they have a filtered view of OSU provided to them, and they said that they appreciate having students at the meetings to provide additional perspectives.

Solidarity Fair Debrief – It was pretty cool. Food went well, and quickly! Shannon feels like Thomas & Ashley did a really good job with the spotlight conversation, but it would’ve been nice to have a greater number of participants. The timing of spotlights and intersections should have been staggered more. Ashley says the music was great! (Good work, Thomas’s band with a name we don’t understand!) The woman doing face-painting did a great job, and we’d like to invite her to the EOY BBQ. We would also like to figure out her name!

Alliance for a Socially Just University Debrief – On Wednesday the 3rd, Thomas & Ashley attended this meeting. The group decided to hold regular meetings at noon on the first Wednesdays of the month. (The next one will be July 1 and Clint plans to attend.) Topics of discussion included the recurring parking debate and open/participatory budgeting (transparency in pay scales, allocations for campus services). SEIU 503 is currently in bargaining. they’re rotating through all the OUS campuses, and their next session at OSU will be in July. They’re planning a rally at the Harrison bridge early on the morning of June 18th. Related to the Board of Trustees saying they appreciate having additional perspectives shared at the meetings, the Alliance folks thought we could build on that and offer to give the Board an unfiltered tour/“disorientation” to OSU. That’s a goal for October.

AGEL Call Debrief – Chris Mihiar was on this call last night. It was a little frustrating because there weren’t many people on the call (and no one actually knew what number quorum would be), so they couldn’t make a formal vote on who will host Fall AGEL. So the vote taken on the AGEL call was for a “recommendation” between Rutgers and OSU, and the vote was actually a tie, 3 to 3, with 1 abstention. Chris suggested that Chris Goff or one of the AGEL co-chairs send out a doodle poll so we could get a fuller consensus on what location AGEL would recommend. Some on the call were of the mind that we should not make a recommendation at all since AFT was making the decision anyway, and since the Higher Ed conference will be in Portland in Spring 2016. Chris M expressed his disagreement with that sentiment. His opinion is that because we were asked for a recommendation, it should be taken seriously.

Strategic Retreat

  • Agenda: The Strat Ret group met yesterday to create the agenda. There are a few updates this year that we’re pretty excited about. We’re going to change the way we introduce CGE on Friday and the way we create the Strategic Plan on Saturday. We’ll set a few major goals (3 – 5) for the year and the calendar will be used for the strategic steps toward those goals. We’re also going to have a new style of debrief on Sunday: head/heart (something you learned and felt over the weekend) and feet (what you’ll do in the year).
  • Family House: It’s not yet clear who all will be there with children, but we know some families who are planning to come. Ashley found a small house near our big one that the EC approves. The cost will be about $588.
  • AFT/AFT-OR Folks: Rodolfo will no longer be able to attend. L We need to decide if there’s anyone else we want to invite. At this time the EC doesn’t want to invite anyone. Ashley will tell Rodolfo.
  • Participation: Currently, positive RSVPs are a little low. So far, Ashley has individually invited parent members and we’ve mass-emailed the members and Steward Council. This coming Monday, Ashley will start sending individual invitations to more members.

EOY BBQ – This is NEXT Friday, the 12th.

  • Schedule: Kickball from 1 to 5. BBQ opening at 5 with food at 5:30. We’ll have awards at 6. Jocko Homomorphism will play at 7. Meatbomb will play at 8:30. We’ll have face-painting from 5:30 to 7:30. The EC specifically approves paying her for 2 hours (a really great deal at $20/hour).
  • Clean Up: Shannon, Kris, and Clint plan to be there with their cars. Alisha will also help clean up.
  • Set Up: We’ll start charcoal at 4:15. Shannon will bring cornhole and badminton gear. Shannon & Gloria will be ready to leave CGE at 3:45 with their cars. Kris will plan to leave Eugene at 3 to pick up the kegs at his house and get to the BBQ by 4:30. We’ll ask Vance and Chris if they can contribute their cars.
  • Shopping: Thursday morning, Alisha & Gloria will go to Costco. Kris will be purchasing the kegs on Thursday and keeping them on ice in his basement.
  • Cooking: Gloria is making a master plan for beer brats. Gloria, Thomas, Zhian, and Ashley will do prep Thursday afternoon.
  • Kickball: We need more people to sign up for the tournament!
  • Turnout: Gloria will send a Social List email today. Thomas will send an all-member email that’s BBQ-only on Wednesday. We all will invite all of our friends to the fb event.

EC Meeting – We will not have an EC meeting next Friday the 12th, since lots of people will be working for the BBQ. We’ll instead have an EC meeting in the first half of the week of the 15th. Shannon will send out a doodle poll on the EC list – and remind the new officers they need to start being at all the meetings.

Social Hour – Tonight! Gloria & Béatrice will anchor.

Fair Share Arbitration – The hearing is at 10 AM on Friday the 19th at the Senior Center. Ashley talked with Haley from Tedesco Law Group yesterday. Ashley & Angela will have a phone meeting with Haley next Tuesday at 10 AM. After that, we’ll see how we feel about needing an in-person meeting before the 19th. If not, we’ll just plan to meet with Mike & Haley in the morning before the hearing. Béatrice will email the Stewards list to let them know where & when the hearing is happening and invite them to sit in.

Conference-Style Posters – Shannon has an idea of creating a new kind of CGE literature for our departmental bulletin boards, styled like conference posters. This may not fit into the kind of space we’re given by the contract. Posters could be an idea for the future, perhaps. For now, we came to a consensus that it would not be feasible in many departments.

Officer Transitions – These transfers of information and wisdom need to happen before the Strategic Retreat! Shannon will include a reminder in her EC email with the doodle poll.

Executive Session

Meeting adjourned at 12:45 PM

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