CGE Executive Council Meeting Minutes – February 14, 2013

In attendance: Michelle Marie, Wren Keturi, Eric Coker, Danny Ritter, Braden Elliott, Sydney Householder; Angela McClendon, Eben Pullman, Ashley Bromley, Sarah Burke Meeting called to order at 2:05 PM

Minutes from 2-7-12 meetings – Not disapproved

Email Decisions – Online tax payment was approved.

Campaign Update Ed Ray Meeting Recap – Braden, Wren, Michelle, Sydney met with OSU this morning.

DHE Issue – Danny met on Friday with the interested parties. It was unfortunately rather difficult.

Grad School Relations – Michelle met with Courtney Everson. She’s interested in having grad open forums again in spring term, although in a scaled-down format and maybe with some online participation. We can have a role in planning as we have time and ability; we should try to work on questions. They also talked about Grad Connect [not a full Week], which has been approved for the upcoming year. We can talk about collaboration more later. They also discussed possibilities for funding for grads who are in the writing stage and finishing soon. This is something CGE is very interested in, perhaps in bargaining.

Alta Gracia – Movie is happening tonight. The OSU bookstore sweatshop-free campaign came up at the Ed Ray meeting this morning. He asked why the campaign is for one specific company, which led us to think about a better way to approach this. (Alta Gracia specifically makes sports-related apparel.) Eric will try to investigate making a list of fair-labor clothing that we could present to the bookstore manager. Danny suggests narrowing candidacy to unionized shops.

Steward Council Meeting – Next Thursday, February 21, starting at 7 PM here at Westmin. We’ll do a make-your-own sandwich bar, specifically including ham for Forrest. We may try Clod’s for afterward. Braden is going to draft an agenda to send out this afternoon.

May Day Planning – Eric went to a meeting. The events will be on May 4th. The next meeting is February 24th. There’s a fbook page for planning.

Convention – The C&B Amendments were sent in on time! There will be another Convention Committee meeting next week to work on Resolutions (due early March); also due that day are the delegate credentials. Wren will email all the delegates to ask them to confirm attendance. The house in Sunriver has been reserved.

Winter School Wrap-Up – The EC approves reimbursing a member $50 for driving to Newport. Meeting adjourned at 3:45 PM

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