In attendance: Thomas Morrill, Clint Mattox, Stephanie Parreira, Zhian Kamvar; Ashley Bromley, Angela McClendon

Meeting called to order at 5:00 PM

Minutes from 6-16-2015 Meeting – Oops, didn’t get to this.

Email & Strategic Retreat Decisions – (1) The 2014-15 EC edited and approved FY15-16 budget at the Strategic Retreat. (2) Over email, set summer EC meeting dates and times. (3) Over email, approved the Intent to Negotiate letter re: impact of statewide paid sick leave legislation to be delivered to OSU HR.

Online Tax Payment – The EC approves Angela paying the June federal payroll tax online.

Welcome to the EC! – Office Keys: most new officers have them, the others know who to get them from. Office Tour: Thomas shows the new officers around the room. Meeting Process: Thomas explains how we usually run EC meetings. Email Decisions: Thomas explains how these work.

Officer Transitions – A few officer pairs still need to meet! New officers have been given information about how to get their CGE email. Old officers have been removed and new officers have been added as admins on the FB group. New officers have all filled out the bank account owners form and Thomas will take it over; we’ll ask Chris to update the debit card. Angela will set up accounts on the website for the new officers.

FY 2015-2016 Budget – Thomas introduces the new officers to the various categories on the budget, which was approved on June 27 by the outgoing EC at the Strategic Retreat.

Event Dates – Ashley would like to begin reserving rooms and park spaces for our regular meetings and social events. She has added the dates to the Strategic Calendar based on having them analogous to last year’s. The EC likes the plan and approves of Ashley starting reservations.

NW Leadership Forum – This will be July 30 – August 2 in Vancouver, WA. Stephanie is no longer able to go, but she’ll email the Steward list for interest.

CGEU Conference – This will be August 5 – 8 in Amherst, MA. Kris is no longer able to go; Stephanie will email the Steward list for interest.

Graduate School Orientation – We’ve been invited to come back to the Graduate School orientation to host a panel like we did last fall. Our session was called “Coalition of Graduate Employees: Contract, Community & Care.” We’d like to do it again! Shannon, Stephanie, Thomas, and Zhian are our current list of panelists. It will be on Monday, September 14, at 3 PM.

Fair Share Arbitration Debrief – This arbitration related to our fair share rate calculation happened on June 19th. The challenger withdrew his challenge after a couple hours in the hearing.

Thomas has to leave, so the meeting is no longer at quorum. (We can’t make any decisions, but we can still review the recent meetings and events.)

Strategic Retreat Debrief – This happened in Lincoln City over the last weekend. It was a great success! Our 4 primary goals were (1) Increase membership to 70%; (2) Have a successful public awareness campaign; (3) Rethink & fortify the Steward Council structure; and (4) Have great success in bargaining. The Strategic Plan was created with all the steps and actions we’ll need to take throughout the year to accomplish those 4 big goals. Ashley has written July’s goals on the whiteboard and we’ve already been able to cross off 3 of them!

HIAC Meeting Debrief – Clint, Thomas, and Ashley went to the Health Insurance Advisory Committee meeting this afternoon. A pleasant surprise is that OSU now seems willing to consider automatic enrollment (ie, opt-out instead of opt-in), because the PacificSource rep said it would be doable from the PS side. (To be clear, this is not final yet, but it’s far more positive than we’ve ever gotten from OSU ourselves in the many times we’ve suggested it.) The other good news is that the insurance premiums will actually be decreasing this year, by about 4%.

HR Meeting Debrief – Thomas and Ashley met with Dave and Vicki on June 22 for their monthly check-in. The impact bargaining conversation went well. We plan to start that process by the end of July or beginning of August. (Related: we seem to have a team already! Thomas, Nikki, Laura Syron, and Ashley.)

Alliance Meeting Debrief – Today at noon, the Alliance for a Socially Just University met. One big goal they want to work toward is increased transparency and involvement in the OSU budget process. Another topic of conversation was SEIU bargaining: they’ll have sessions in Corvallis on July 20 & 21, so we’ll try to participate in any actions they hold. The next Alliance meeting will be August 5 at noon.

Meeting adjourned at 6:15 PM. Next meeting is Tuesday, July 21, at 5:30 PM.

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