In attendance: Shannon Andrews, Alisha Jones, Thomas Morrill, Gloria Ambrowiak, Drew Hatlen (late!); guest member Kevin Weitemier (briefly); special guest Ariah Suek (ASOSU presidential candidate); Ashley Bromley, Angela McClendon

Meeting called to order at 11:03 AM

Minutes from 4-2-2015 Meeting – Approved

Email Decisions – (1) Approved Convention raffle baskets. (2) Approved fair share arbitration room reservation at the Senior Center. (3) Approved Lobby Day email to SC. (4) Approved all-member email. (5) Approved May 13 for the Ed Ray meeting.

ASOSU Pres Candidate – Ariah Suek has come to talk with us about what graduate students might want to see from ASOSU, and how ASOSU can collaborate with CGE. She and her running mate are focusing on issues like campus safety, diversity and representation, and transparency in fees and budgeting. Ariah is also part of a statewide student advocacy group and she’ll ask that group if they’re willing to support the bill to get a grad seat on the Inst Boards.

Open Forums Debrief – The first day had very low turnout; second day was definitely better. There should have been a lot more promotion. Drew will work on compiling the info next week, and will arrange for a feedback meeting with the facilitators.

CLA Budget Update – Thomas got an email response from Larry Rodgers (CLA dean), who was displeased that CGE talked to the Board of Trustees without talking with him first. Thomas remembers asking Larry for a meeting several times. Larry also said the things CGE members spoke about were untrue and that “nothing is changing” in CLA. Unfortunately this totally contradicts what we’ve been hearing from the grads in the college. Thomas responded to say we’re planning to meet with Ed Ray in a few weeks and ask Larry if he wants to meet with us before then. Just right now, Larry emailed back; Ashley read us the response and it sounds like he doesn’t want to meet.

“The Hunting Ground” Update – We got an email from OSU’s sexual violence prevention coordinator that the movie screening is now only going to be held for a select group of higher administrators, rather than open to all of OSU. We think this is a really bad move. It seems like the administration doesn’t like that the movie might be critical of universities’ handling of campus sexual assault, so they just decided not to show it to the whole campus. This is really frustrating. We’d like to try to organize an action to try to get people in. More importantly, we’d like to host our own screening of the film. We think having it on campus would be good. Shannon will email Ariah to start the conversation about ASOSU reserving a big room. The EC agrees that CGE will offer to pay for half of the screening fee (total is $400) and we’ll definitely do a promotion push.

Social Hour – This will be next Wednesday, April 15. Shannon can anchor it. Gloria is able to help anchor slightly after 5.

Great Cover-Up – Happening in Eugene on the evenings of May 8 and 9. We need to get info out to the membership about it. Gloria will email about it on the Social List, and we’ll advertise it more later when there’s a poster for it.

GMM – This will be on Thursday, April 23.

  • Food: We’ll talk about this next week.
  • Agenda: Contract ratification vote. C&B amendments (small groups with someone assigned to facilitate at each table), then report back from groups and vote on amendments. University budget issues (Thomas will facilitate the full-group discussion; Shannon will take notes on the whiteboard). Steward nominations. Officer elections! Convention report.
  • Turnout: We’ll do a fb event (Ashley on 4/13), all-member emails (Shannon on 4/13 and 4/21), SC emails (Ashley on 4/16), and personalized emails (Ashley on 4/22).

Meeting ended sometime after 12:15 PM

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