In attendance: Shannon Andrews, Drew Hatlen, Thomas Morrill, Alisha Jones, Kris Osterloh, Gloria Ambrowiak (late!); Ashley Bromley, Angela McClendon

Meeting called to order at 11:05 AM

Minutes from 4-10-2015 Meeting – Approved.

Email Decisions – Approved all-member GMM email.

Convention Debrief – “Well, that was a trip.” (Thomas) Our resolution about open-source publishing for state-funded research did not make it out of committee. Our other three resolutions did pass. The percaps amendment did not pass but was sent to the Executive Council, who are tasked with bringing an amendment to the floor next year. Steve McAllister got reelected as AFT-OR Treasurer; he specifically asked Thomas for input on next year’s percaps proposal. (In fact, the whole “upper EC” was reelected.) We’ll schedule the delegates debrief for 5 PM on Tuesday, April 28, and Shannon will host at her house.

GEU-UAW Solidarity – We took a photo of the EC holding signs to email in support of the new union at UConn, who are trying to win their first contract.

AAUP-Oregon Conference – Ashley was asked by Armelle Denis (AAUP-OSU) to speak at the statewide AAUP conference on a panel about urging transparency from the Boards and administrators of the OUS schools. Ashley will be out of town. Thomas will go to be on the panel. It’s on April 25.

GMM! – Next Thursday, April 23.

  • Food plan & prep: We’ll do Yumm Bowls! Alisha & Thomas are happy to help with prep after noon or 1. We will plan to purchase cooked rice, depending on availability and pricing. Gloria & Ashley will work on the shopping list, and Gloria (along with Ashley or someone else) will shop.
  • Set up: Shannon & Drew are available at 4 PM. T, A, S, G have cars for taking things over.
  • Clean up: Ashley is leaving town early Friday morning, so others will have to do the dishes. Shannon can do some Thursday night; Drew & Gloria will finish up Friday morning.
  • Voting procedures: We’re going to have 3 different votes to deal with. (1) For ratifying the new summer health insurance contract language, we’ll have a yes-or-no secret ballot. Confirmed members will receive a ballot with one envelope; pending members will receive a ballot with two envelopes. (2) For the Constitution & Bylaws amendments we’ll have a ballot with one yes-or-no choice that says something like “I approve the amendments as last verbally communicated here at the GMM.” (3) For EC elections, we’ll have a ballot with a line for each position.
  • Sign in procedures: Shannon, Ashley, Drew, and (we hope) Béatrice will check people in. We’ll have CGE’s laptop and tablet, Shannon’s laptop, and Ashley’s laptop.
  • Raffles/recognition/etc: Most (non-EC) office visits. “Solidarity champions” who supported the GTFF strikers. “Issues organizing” to recognize Nikki for her effort dealing with the CLA budget issues? Ashley will get $20 gift cards for the awards (probably will be 5 of them).

We take some time to smush a gluten-free cake and light it on fire in celebration of Shannon’s birthday. Then we all start singing “Happy Birthday” at different speeds and in different keys. Very special.

Social Hour – Gloria will anchor this on Saturday, April 25.

Steward Council Elections – Nominations will open next Monday, April 20. The nomination period will remain open through Friday, April 24. We have a time slot set aside in the GMM for in-person nominations. Then elections will be held online (using the new platform Ashley found) from Monday the 27th through Thursday the 30th.

Solidarity Fair Update – This will be on Saturday, May 30. CGE has committed to providing food. There will be a “reader’s theatre” at the city library at 7 PM on May 1. Thomas is planning to participate. Kris and Gloria will collaborate on a spoken-word piece called “Welcome to the Union” (parodied from “Welcome to the Jungle”). We are all shocked to learn that Gloria does not know “Welcome to the Jungle” and we attempt to fix that. Thomas will email the Social list today to call for performers. We’ll email a reminder later for attendance.

Next Two EC Meetings – Next week’s regularly scheduled meeting will be at 11 on April 24, the morning after the GMM. The EC agrees to have an office-cleaning, GMM-debriefing meeting. The following week, Ashley & Angela have Friday off for May Day, so we’ll have the EC meeting at 11:30 on Thursday, April 30.

Hotel Tipping Policy – Being at a hotel for Convention caused us to realize we need to create a policy and procedure for leaving tips when we stay at hotels for events. The EC agrees that $10 per room per night is appropriate. The ideal procedure will be for an officer to withdraw the cash from the bank before the event; if that’s not possible for some reason, we’ll reimburse the member (or staff) who leaves their own cash tip.

Executive Session

Meeting adjourned at 12:40 PM

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