In attendance: Shannon Andrews, Béatrice Moissinac, Gloria Ambrowiak, Thomas Morrill, Kris Osterloh, Alisha Jones briefly via video conference; Ashley Bromley, Angela McClendon


Meeting called to order at 5:10 PM

Minutes from 10-29 and 11-5-2014 Meetings – Both approved.

Email Decisions – Approved moving this week’s EC meeting to tonight.

Presidents Conference Debrief – Kris says “Ashley was right!” (which we already knew): AFT-OR spends a lot of money on this event. We made a few connections with folks from other locals. Gloria learned that a bunch of AFT-OR folks will be at the GTFF rally tomorrow. Kris has decided he’s interested in running for a VP position on the AFT-OR EC!

Social Hour Debrief – This was last Wednesday, at the Red Fox Cafe, to celebrate the launch of our member discount! Turnout was decent (filled most of the side room) and everyone had fun.

Trivia Night Debrief – It was fun! Gloria did a great job hosting. There were about 20 or 25 people there.

Steward Council Debrief – People were fed and business was done *just about* on time. The SC selected a “GTFF Strike Committee” and empowered them to authorize expenditures up to $2,000 to fund CGE participation in supporting the GTFF at their rally (eg, travel to Eugene and food for participants). For future meetings in which we really need input from the SC, we need to be prepared with a more structured proposal and request feedback or modifications, rather than starting with a totally open-ended question on what to do. Béatrice and Ashley were unhappy/uncomfortable with how the discussion about office visits went, with lots of people feeling both defensive and not-responsible. Unfortunately quite a few people had left while we were getting into the discussion. We’ll talk about office visits again next term, in the EC meeting right before the January SC meeting.

Ed Ray Meeting Debrief – This was yesterday morning. We were disappointed that the only OSU admin representatives there were Ed Ray and Dave Blake. We started the meeting with a frustrating conversation about all the problems with the contract rollout. Ed suggested that we should be emailing him directly about issues like that, or at least emailing Dave (which we actually did several times). It sounds like they want our HR contact to be Dave (rather than Viki); Ashley might start CC-ing him on everything! On the topic of many grads doing GTA/GRA work but being classified as fellows, Dave actually encouraged us to grieve it to make change happen. On the safety alert system, they agreed with us that an opt-in system is not super-useful, but unfortunately it’s basically the law. For the update on gender-neutral restrooms, we were pleased to hear that they’ve made good progress. We also talked about the departments that have October 1 start dates but still require people to work in the second half of September; they agree that this is inappropriate but we didn’t come away with an action to be taken now. On the subject of issues that “real” fellows have brought up, we’ve helped Sarah and Patricia (who are leading the charge) connect with Brenda McComb, so they’re working on that now.

Labor Law Conference – The EC approves using member leadership training funds to send Thomas and Béatrice to this. Alisha is hoping to go through the LBL-CLC. Ashley will think about whether she wants to use some of her professional development funds for attending this.

Social Hour – BM and TM will be anchoring the next one, this Saturday at 5 at Bombs. Thomas will send an email Friday morning.

OSU Divest – We heard from visitors Luciana Leite (new grad student), Kaylynn Walls (undergrad), and Ken Winograd (College of Ed faculty). This is “a campaign to have Oregon State University Foundation sell off its investments in fossil fuels industries and replace these with investments in socially responsible stock holdings.” We’ve invited them to present at the January GMM and, in the meantime, to post info on the Social List. We’ll also forward to our Convention Committee the resolution that OSU Divest and the OSU Faculty Senate submitted (which was passed by the ASOSU Senate but not the ASOSU House, and was rejected by the OSU Foundation).

GTFF Rally – Tomorrow! CGE group is leaving from Westmin at 10:15 AM. Tell yourself it’s 10 AM. Béatrice is going to bring a flag pole so we can carry our fancy new flag. (We’re still trying to figure out how to use the flag pole we bought – and it’s like 15 feet tall.)

CGE @ 15 Brunch – We’ve been planning to do this on the Sunday after the Brew-Off, November 23rd but we’ve realized we don’t want to put much work into it. We’ll try going to Tommy’s at 11 AM. This will be a pay-your-own-way happening. Gloria will create a fb event and call for a reservation a couple days in advance.

Brew-Off – The EC approves paying necessary expenses for (1) communication headsets for our lead volunteers, (2) the fee for CYA Security, and (3) wristbands and bottle caps. Thomas is going to act mostly as Ashley’s stand-in for Brew-Off things while she’s away. Béatrice is willing to volunteer the WHOLE TIME during the event as long as she doesn’t have to do any heavy lifting. Form 990 Automatic Extension – The EC approves Angela mailing in the (free, automatic) extension form instead of trying to fill out the 990 before the CPAs have completed the audit.

We Learn – “Ironical” is a valid word. Béatrice is vindicated.

OSUFCU Charter Vote – The EC decides to vote YES on the resolution proposed by the OSUFCU board to change from a federally chartered credit union to a state charter.

Meeting ended at 6:50 PM

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