CGE Executive Council Meeting Minutes – October 2, 2013

In attendance: Béatrice Moissinac, Shannon Andrews, Mindy Crandall, Thomas Morrill, Eric Coker, Lizz Hardardt, Araby Belcher (late!); Ashley Bromley, Angela McClendon; guest Jonathon Joston

Meeting called to order at 4:05 PM

Minutes from 9-25-13 Meeting – Approved.
Email Decisions – (1) Decided to skip Office of Equity & Inclusion hiring forums. (2) Approved the all-member email about tentative agreement & ratification vote.


ASOSU Grad Affairs Task Force –  Jonathon Joston is the new task force director (and an MA student in English). He’s new to OSU and doesn’t have a great deal of direction in his duties from ASOSU, so he’s researching and meeting with various groups to see what he can work on. His interests include childcare/student-parent support; office space; and student-advisor relations. We’d like to continue working with him (and the Grad School) on the Open Forums and hosting a PhD Movie screening. He’d like us to think about forming a Graduate Commission (or something like that) along with the Grad School to formalize our work together.


Online Payroll Tax Payment – Approved!


Open House & Ratification – This Friday! Contract ratification meeting will begin at 3 PM: this is THE MOST IMPORTANT part for officers to attend. Then we’ll have an open house in the office where people can come down and see where the work gets done! We’ll have some snacks. Béatrice will start asking people about translating our front-page document. Mindy will send an all-member email tomorrow to remind folks. Voting will be open from the ratification meeting through the end of the open house, and then Monday 9 AM – 5 PM, and Tuesday 9 AM – 8 PM. Shannon will create a fbook post for the Open House and Mindy will create a post for the ratification.


Officer Resignation – Eric unfortunately has to announce his resignation today due to some significant increases in his personal and work demands. This is a major bummer, but we’re glad he’s willing to keep helping out with some things (like the “Left Bank” tabling).


Post-Rat Party – We need to think about this some more. Béatrice mentions that we got some negative feedback after the RA Campaign celebration where lots of people had lots to drink. (Ashley mentions that we also got some positive feedback from it.) We’ll come back to this.


AGEL Conference – We haven’t gotten any applications from reps. Eric is way too busy and not able to go. Ashley will ask some people directly.


Welcome BBQ Recap – It went really well – tons of people showed up, maybe up to 250! We totally ran out of food and drink. We’ll need to revisit this next week to talk about budgeting. REMINDER: please bring in your receipts!


LBL-CLC Meeting Recap – Eric went to the meeting on September 25. They talked about budgets, what happened at the national AFL-CIO convention, and some resolutions coming up at the state AFL-CIO convention soon.


ExplOregon – The first get-together is this Saturday, October 5. Folks will be meeting at the market at 12:30 and riding to Bald Hill. Unfortunately Lauren is unable to lead the group this time, and Shannon may have to be out of town. Thomas was planning to attend and might be able to lead.


“Left Bank” – Eric will be staffing the CGE table this Saturday. Angela will acquire a card table, because all our current tables are too big to fit in most people’s cars.


GTFF GMM – This is next Friday, October 11. Ashley would really like to go, Mindy hopes to be able to go, and Shannon is semi-willingly being convinced to go.


AFT-OR Presidents Conference – Punt: we need to have more discussion about this later.


Voter Registration Letter – Last year, Wren as CGE President signed onto a cross-campus letter encouraging the OSU community to register and vote. We’ve been asked to do so again this year. The officers agree this is a good idea and Mindy will take care of it.


Westmin Bowls – About a dozen of Westmin’s bowls were broken last week during prep for the BBQ. Tim asked us to replace them with some inexpensive Corelle bowls. Ashley or Angela will get bowls.


Convene HIAC – Punt: we’ll have more information next week. It looks like it should be a no-cost addition to include transgender care coverage, so we’d like to begin the process of adding it.


MLK Celebration – Chris Lenn (former CGE-er) from the Office of Equity and Inclusion invited CGE to have someone join the MLK Celebration planning committee. Ashley will respond to him. We’d love to participate and will plan to recruit someone at the rep meeting. Speaking of…


Steward Council Meeting – This is next Tuesday, October 8, at 6 PM upstairs. We have an agenda begun on the whiteboard. Shannon and Ashley will figure out food – sandwich bar with easy sides.


GMM – It’s coming up! Thursday, October 24. We’ve invited Jonathon to speak briefly about his job. Araby has communicated with CAPS (Counseling and Psychological Services) about having someone speak about what they offer to the campus community. Unfortunately we won’t have time to invite AFT-OR folks to this GMM; we’ll suggest a later one (ie, spring). Mindy and Ashley will draft an agenda.


Membership Cancellations – It has come to our attention that we should have a standard process for how to communicate with people who cancel their membership. We really can’t require anyone to come to the office or go through an exit interview. Mindy is going to draft a very brief form-letter type response for the EC to look over and edit.


Post-Rat Revisit – This is a little complicated because we don’t want it to look like a closed-door (“cliquey”) party just for insiders, but we also don’t want it to look like a really big affair like the RA Campaign celebration. We’ll seek a middle ground: make it explicitly unofficial and BYOWhatever, and a nonEC B-Team member will mention it on the Social List. Ashley suggests CGE’s Day of Destiny – Friday, October 18 – for the party.


Meeting adjourned at 5:55 PM

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