In attendance: Thomas Morrill, Drew Hatlen, Shannon Andrews, Béatrice Moissinac; Ashley Bromley,

Angela McClendon


Meeting called to order at 9:35 AM

Minutes from 9-3-2014 Meeting – Approved

Email Decisions – (1) Approved Quick Guides to contract and health insurance. (2) Approved email to Dave Blake and Susan Shaw re: FTE for instructors.

FTE Email Response – Dave and Susan both responded to Thomas’s email. Dave specifically denied that there had been discussion during bargaining about assisting departments with funding higher instructor FTEs. Susan responded to say her school would “likely” have to offer fewer assistantships next year, but they intend to cover the contracts already offered for 2014-15 (although they don’t know how they’ll pay for them). Our next step: Ashley will draft a response for review and for Thomas to send to Dave and Susan. We’ll also ask Sherm Bloomer about it at our upcoming meeting with him (this Wednesday at noon).

(Related) Contract Changes Email – We received an email (through forwarding) from the Provost’s office that was basically just Ashley’s language copied from Thomas’s all-member email. We’re wondering how they got it; options include (1) OSU spying on ONID emails, (2) OSU reading our blog, and most likely, (3) a member forwarding it to their advisor or department to ask about it.

Organizer Training Recap – Béatrice felt really good about it! Shannon heard positive feedback about he conversation practices. Drew felt that the time spent on each part of the meeting was good. Béatrice will ask the training attendees for feedback we can use for planning the next one.

Meeting with ASOSU – Shannon got an email from ASOSU saying they offered someone the job of Grad Affairs Task Force Director. They’d like to meet with us to talk about how we can work together. Shannon will respond.

Meeting with Sherm – This Wednesday at noon. Shannon and Drew will go, and Béatrice will try to. In email with Ashley, he reiterated that the tuition issue is not cutting funding but working within their budget. We want to ask him about what Brenda McComb said about allocating tuition waivers based on previous years’ usage. We also need to ask him to please correct the misinformation that’s going around.

Grad School Orientation Session – This is next Monday, the 15th. Hailey said she’s willing to be on our panel to speak about health care. Thomas (contract), Shannon (general CGE info), and [probably] Kris (community, and why having a union makes grad school better) will be the other panel members.

TA Training Lunch – Friday the 19th at lunch time, in the MU Ballroom. We’ll be tabling and talking. We need about 8 people to be there from around 11:45 to 1:15.

Rummage Sale – It will be this Saturday, the 13th, at 9 AM. We’ll plan to have a sign-making party some evening this week.

Misty Freeman Steward Resignation – Misty is too busy this year and has resigned. She said she’ll try to find a replacement as new folks come in (there are a few other stewards in her area already).

Medical & Family Leave Policy – We got an email from Donna Chastain in OSU HR, asking CGE to help update/verify the information on their website. Ashley will work on this.

Child Care Task Force Appointments – We’re trying to think of people to ask to be the CGE representatives on this committee. Hailey, Chris Mihiar, and someone Béatrice works with are candidates.

Office Space – Tim confirmed on Friday that we can have the upstairs room! Now we need to figure out what to put in it, and the move-in timeframe. We’d like to have it cleaned up and presentable for the contract ratification / open house on October 3rd. We’ll probably need one new desk + computer; Béatrice has a desk we can have, and Drew thinks there will be some good computers for sale at the OSUsed store soon that used to be in Snell. (Ashley and Angela aren’t very good about change, but we’ll get over it.) Also, Tim is working with “the door guy” to get a plan for ADA-compliant entrance.

Parking Permits – An email went out to the university community about the upcoming schedule for parking permit purchases that doesn’t include the information about grad assistants having access after faculty but before the general grad student population. We will email Dave Blake to get him to correct it.

Meeting adjourned at 10:38 AM

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