In attendance: Alisha Jones, Thomas Morrill, Gloria Ambrowiak, Béatrice Moissinac, Shannon Andrews,

Drew Hatlen; Ashley Bromley, Angela McClendon


Meeting called to order at 10 AM

Minutes from 9-8-2014 Meeting – Approved

Email Decisions – (1) Approved $850/month for rent amount for the upcoming office space expansion. (2) Approved all-member email re: tuition, BBQ, asbestos. (3) Approved Quick Guide to Getting Involved. (4) Approved online tax payment.

Meeting with Sherm Debrief – We went to talk with him on Wednesday the 10th with some questions prepared about the tuition/assistantship concerns we’d heard. Sherm had data to share with us and answered all our questions. He suggested that any grads with concerns about their assistantships should talk with their deans. He agreed to come to our October GMM to answer questions there as well.

SLCS Meeting – We’d like to get together with the grad employees from this school to hear their concerns about the 0.3 FTE issue and let them know what we’ve heard from Sherm regarding tuition waivers/assistantships. Ashley will email one of our concerned members in this school to arrange a one- on-one meeting, and then we’ll try to schedule a lunch meeting with the grads from the whole school on Thursday the 25th.

Grad School Orientation Debrief – It went decently well, and we got 31 new blue cards. There weren’t as many groups tabling this year, which Ashley thought was a bit detrimental to the event’s overall success.

TA Training Lunch Prep – This Friday in the MU Ballroom. Shannon will prepare a 5-minute compressed intro. Then a bunch of people will be available to circulate at tables.

Rummage Sale Debrief – It wasn’t very good. Some people said they would bring things to sell but didn’t show up. Shopper turnout wasn’t very high. Gloria will contact people about picking up their leftover stuff, and if they don’t want it, we’ll donate it to Goodwill.

Office Space – All interested parties have agreed to the offer of $850 for the combined basement/main level office space. Tim thinks we should be able to move in by the open house (October 3rd). Tim will get someone to change the lock to match the one on our current office door. We’ll ask Forrest to help with networking (and Béatrice offered her own or Sean’s skills).

Exterior Sign – Ashley emailed links to a sandwich-board sign option. We’ve decided to go with “front4” and “back 1” approved as amended in the meeting.

Ventilation Safety Concerns – Shannon got an email last week from a Microbiology grad about an issue where chemicals got into the air intake system in Nash. Building personnel went around and evacuated everyone, but the grad was really concerned that there weren’t any mass emails or alarms. He’d like to know what can be done in the future to address the problems and reduce risks, and he asked if CGE can interface with the administration. Shannon will ask for documents the grad referenced and then email Dave Blake and Glenn Ford about the safety issue.

Email Responsiveness – There have been some instances recently where emails have gone across the EC list needing responses and we’ve had to wait to make decisions. This is just a reminder to please check your CGE email regularly and then respond promptly.

Email Back-Up – Many of the CGE email accounts are really full. Officers are going to download old emails onto a thumb drive and then we’ll put them on one of the office computers to get them into the backup system.

Ratification Vote – We’ve been planning to open voting on Friday, October 3rd, the same day as the open house (which we’ve published as running 3-7 PM). We’ll have an informational meeting at 3 and then open voting, to run through 7 on Friday, then 9-5 on Monday to Wednesday. We’ll send an all-member email reminder for BBQ and voting on Tuesday the 23rd. Thomas is going to create a fb event for the open house & ratification meeting.

AGEL – Alisha has gotten one response so far to her reps list email. Thomas, probably Casey, Drew, and perhaps Shannon are interested in going. We’d like to send 4 total delegates (2 AFT paid, 2 CGE paid). We’ll confirm with Casey that she wants to go. CGE will also send Ashley as professional development.

International Orientation – They’ve requested we have something interactive. Béatrice suggests getting a world map so people can place pins/stickers where they’re from. This is great! Gloria will look into getting a map printed for us and let Ashley know asap if her connection won’t work. The EC approves spending some money ($30ish?) to get a map.

Welcome BBQ – Coming up! Next Friday the 26th. Gloria is working on recipes and shopping lists. A fellow Soils grad (Burl Carpenter) has volunteered to help with cooking.

CCE Steward – The EC appoints Paul Singer as steward for Civil & Construction Engineering. We’ll present the appointment to the SC in October for approval.

Meeting with ASOSU – Drew is working on setting up a meeting between CGE officers and the ASOSU people we’d mostly be working with. We’d like to meet after school starts.

CGEU Climate Justice – There was a petition circulated on the CGEU list. Shannon will post it on the fb group.

Labor Notes Letter to the Editor – We have a draft ready of a brief letter about our recent bargaining gains for comprehensive transgender health care coverage and gender-neutral restrooms on campus. We’ll add a line about OSU admin working with us positively on this, and Shannon will send it to Labor Notes.

SEIU Meeting – The officers of SEIU 503 would like to meet with the CGE officers. We’ll plan it later.

ASOSU Voter Registration Drive – ASOSU would like CGE to send an email to our members asking them to encourage their students to register to vote. We’ll include their info and link in one of our upcoming all-member emails.

Next Meeting – We’ll meet at 9:30 AM next Monday, the 22nd.

Meeting adjourned at 11:25 AM

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