CGE Steward Council
Meeting Minutes
November 10, 2014

The regular meeting of the CGE Steward Council was called to order at 6:00 PM on November 10, 2014 in Westminster by Beatrice.

Check sign-in sheet.

New Business

  • Intros
  • Updates
    • Hort: Nothing to report, Insurance PDF Question
    • MIA: Nothing
    • Botany: 2 new members
    • Newport: Petition? Ask more questions
    • Math: Interim Head, ongoing for long-term head.
    • EECS: Interim Dept. Head
    • Public Health: Nothing
    • Soils: Nothing
    • Psychology: Is great!
    • Civil Engineering: Happy
    • Language Culture: Happy about minimum FTE, problems with Health Care Enrollment and reimbursements, Issues with Office Space (PhDs & MAs sharing),
    • Science & Math Ed.: Grads Happy, Faculty are having issues with workload à folks are leaving
    • School of Writing Lit and Film: Happy about min. FTE, add Child Care onto website or over social list
    • Oceanic and Atmospheric Sciences: Help Dept. CGE Info meeting
    • Applied Economics: Nothing
    • Forestry: Golden! Trans. healthcare is work in progress.
    • CSSA: Update next on agenda…
  • CSSA Suspension
    • (Richard Arquette) Recap what’s happened so far
    • Potential next steps
      • Individuals to be informed about the program and its status
      • As a body be ready to assist in next steps
    • GTFF Strike Update & Actions
      • Strike authorized as of 10/24
      • Mediation session 11/13 that could produce an agreement (but not very likely)
      • Rally 11/12 to pressure UO to come back & meet their bottom lines
      • Strike likely during week 10 (earliest: Tuesday December 2)
      • What can we do to support?
        • Send out Communications with accurate information, correcting misinformation sending out from University of Oregon
        • Show up – Wednesday, Tuesday e-rally, on the picket line?
        • Solidarity Fund
          • Pay for transportation down to rally (sign-up sheet)?
            • Gas Reimbursement: Yes
          • Strike (Force) Committee:
            • Andres
            • Kris
            • Clint
          • Strike Committee Funding
            • SC Approved $2000 for:
              • Transportation
              • Vans/Buses
              • Food
            • SC will vote if $2000 is not sufficient
          • Draft statement of support?
          • Introduce statement of support to ASOSU?
        • Office Visit Debrief
          • Why office visits matter
          • How they went this Fall
          • How we can improve the process (w/out drastic changes)
            • 1 hour shifts
            • Grad Office locations rather than just buildings
            • Potential option to go by yourself would be better than no one going
            • Using the app more frequently
          • Call for HIAC
            • Health Insurance Advisory Council meets the OSU & Pacific Source to discuss the health insurance plan, potential changes, and any issues
            • Specifically working to develop and alternative to the summer triple deduction this year
            • Need to replace 1-2 HIAC members who have either graduated or stepped down this year
            • Meetings as needed (Ad Hoc)
              • Volunteers
                • Sean
                • Spencer
              • GMM Focus Group Debrief
                • Share of goals from GMM and get a sense of where peoples’ priorities are on getting these things done
                • Who is going to accomplish them?
                  • Health Insurance
                    • Lead:
                  • Appointments
                    • Start Oct. 1st:
                      • MIME
                      • College of Ag.
                      • Forestry
                    • Fellows
                    • Family Issues
                  • Brew-Off Volunteer Call
                    • Details on date, time, location, pre-sale info
                      • Flyers
                    • Need HELP!
                      • Contact Shannon for opportunities via Email
                    • GTA Support Group
                      • Introduce the idea
                      • Comments/Feedback?
                      • Book of the worst emails received

Meeting was adjourned at 8:00 PM by Beatrice.

Minutes submitted by:     Drew Hatlen

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