Facilitator: Kali
Vibes Watcher: Mohammad
Time Keeper: Clint
Attendance: Clint Mattox, Kali Doten, Hazel Daniels, Mohammad Pakravan, Alex Riccio, Jess Keune

Meeting began: 5:42PM

    • Approvals:
      • Moving the purchase of CGE folders from Pride Printing from “Promotional Items” to “Other Expenses” – possible reapproval
      • EC Meeting Minutes 4/23/18 – approved
    • Slack Approvals:
      • AME: Elections Reminder
    • AFT-OR Convention: Determine debrief plan and disseminate the results to the membership?
      • Clint will send email to attendees to organize a debrief plan
      • Hazel will write the debrief AME to general membership
      • Resolution regarding housing cooperative passed
      • $10 for Fliers: Sami Al-Abdrubbah was elected by the general body to be our state federation’s representative at AFT National convention. He printed flyers for his candidacy which costs $10 (and was charged to Hazel’s card), and he was told that the EC would make a decision on whether CGE will cover the costs or if Sami should pay for the printing himself.
      • Extra room incidentals shall be covered by the individual responsible for charges
    • MIME Organizing Effort: Steward is requesting $80 for food for a MIME gathering to get more folks involved and aware of CGE. Emory will be going – approved on Slack.
      • Amount approved
      • AME: Reminder to sign the digital petition in support of bargaining platform – Kali wants to send tomorrow; she will send draft on Slack. Ask for support (mini-rally) at Kerr on Monday 3pm and provide the petition link.
      • The deliverable will be given to Ed Ray.
    • Petition Rally: Our bargaining petition needs to be delivered to OSU on May 14th. How are we going to deliver this petition? (Jumbo-sized poster board with all the signatures; printed copies that we hand-deliver to Ed Ray; other ideas?)
    • Steward Representation:  Think about how many steward seats are actually still open and how we can get representation from each department.
      • The elections are open until May 14th, but after the election period the EC can make appointments to the Steward Council and they are authorized to do so regardless of the current number of existing stewards per department or the allotted number (meaning the EC can add stewards to a department that already has its allotted number if it wants to).
      • Departments without any Steward nominations:
        • Animal & Rangeland Sciences (14 total grads)
        • Environmental Sciences (7 total grads)
        • Ethnic Studies (1 total grad)
        • Food Science and Technology (28 total grads)
        • Forest Ecosystems and Society (31 total grads)
        • Hatfield (12 total grads)
        • Kinesiology (19 total grads)
        • Mathematics (53 total grads)
        • Nutrition (4 total grads?)
        • Pharmacy (28 total grads)
        • Statistics (43 total grads)
        • Veterinary Clinical Sciences (10 total grads)
        • Water Resources (6 total grads)
        • Wood Science and Engineering (16 total grads)
    • Printer: Update on Xerox service:
      • The service agreement was located.
      • Will be receiving a call within 24 hours to schedule a time for technician to come out and service the printer.
    • Diversity and Inclusion Learning Group: Micknai has arranged for CGE folks to have a Q&A meeting with Equal Opportunity Access (EOA) on June 6th at 4pm.
      • Discuss with Micknai
      • Send AME before meeting and ask for Questions beforehand?
    • CEOAS Laura Pulido co-sponsorship: Some of our members in CEOAS are hosting a speaking event with Laura Pulido (professor in ethnic studies at UO) on “The Poisoning of Flint Michigan and Racial Capitalism” They have requested that CGE sign-on as a co-sponsor. The event is scheduled for May 30, 3:30pm, Gilfillan Auditorium. From Ale, organizing the event, “We are requesting $200 for catering and advertising, and help spread the word to the graduate community. We would add the CGE logo to any advertising. We have been able to secure the location of the talk, and the funds to pay for the speaker fee. We need mostly help in making it a successful event.”
      • $200 for food – Social Justice Outreach
    • Summer schedules: The newly elected EC takes office officially on July 1st. Who will be in town? Kali, Clint (out first 3 weeks of July).
      • The EC usually meets ~ every 2 weeks (maybe) in the summer.
    • Strategic Retreat: Based on the poll, the retreat will need to be weekend of June 22-24. We have a few options of where to stay.
      • Tasks: We need to confirm a space during tonight’s meeting, because we’re running out of time to make a reservation. Link to our options: https://tinyurl.com/y8ro3kuj
      • Wait to hear from Lost Valley Retreat, otherwise book the Brownsville Loft
      • It was proposed to explore whether we could work with the Labor Education and Research Center (LERC) in Eugene on using their space for the weekend. It sounds like this isn’t an option. Turns out to be too complicated and likely more expensive
      • Begin thinking of an agenda for the weekend, including the development of a strategic plan.
      • In beginning to think of a strategic plan, folks should start thinking up rough ideas for what they want to see CGE accomplish by the end of next year.
      • Have informal meeting to discuss; start conversation on slack.
    • Solidarity Fair: This week we need to sign up as an organization and let the fair planners know how many guests we anticipate will attend, how many folks we can bring for setup/teardown (at 11am and 4pm respectively), what materials we will bring (canopies, chairs, tables, etc) and what we plan to do at our table for this year.
      • The fair is June 2, Corvallis Central Park, from 12-5.
      • The planning meetings are currently taking place at WestM on Sundays from 4-5. The organizers have also created a website for the fair to get groups registered and up to speed on what’s happening, it’s online at www.solidarityfair.com (Next meeting however is Saturday May 12 at 4pm at Westminster b/c of Mother’s Day)
      • Bring the 4 canopies, CGE’s table, additional tables from Westmin, materials.
      • Bring personal camping chairs
      • Alex, Clint, Kali, Hazel will be present. Estimate ~20 folks from CGE.
      • Housing community outreach
      • CGE will provide Yumm Bowls for lunch (decided 4/23/18).
        • Reserve Westmin kitchen that morning
        • Clint will help cook
    • CPT: Based on last meeting in March, Jennifer Brown promised to provide feedback on the mechanism of charging international students for internship fees by April 14th. Then after two follow-up the estimated date was May 14th. What we can do in response and be prepared? Discussion around options. Determine next step of action if Mohammad doesn’t receive a response by May 14th.
    • House Visits: Had a very successful round of House Visits last week (13 new member sign-ups!) and are scheduled for two more: May 8, 4:30-7:00 and May 11, 9:30-12:00. We could use some more folks to pitch in- who can help out either tomorrow or Friday?
      • Kali will go Friday

Meeting adjourned: 7:42 PM

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