In attendance: Shannon Andrews, Sneha Gantla, Thomas Morrill, Lizz Hardardt by phone; officer-elect and BT rep Alisha Jones; Ashley Bromley, Angela McClendon

Meeting called to order at 10:10 AM

Minutes from 6-5-2014 Meeting – (Didn’t get to these)

Email Decision – Approved all-BU about summer insurance enrollment extension. Bargaining Update (with Alisha) – We had a session last Thursday where the OSU admin team presented their financial proposals. Some of them were quite positive (like improved insurance premium coverage for partners/dependents), although we’re disappointed with a few places where we didn’t see any progress. The next session is tomorrow, 1 – 3 PM. The CGE team will bring our counter-proposal.

CLC Meeting Debrief – Alisha went to this meeting on May 28. They talked a lot about political action. The delegates were all sent home with a copy of the CLC’s Constitution & Bylaws because it’s a little outdated and has typos and formatting errors. The plan is to work on it over the summer.

Grad Student Success Forum Debrief – Sneha attended this conversation on Tuesday. They talked about degree-completion rates, workload, compensation, and things that various departments are doing well, or not so well. There will probably be a working group formed later; Sneha suggested that CGE would love to participate.

Summer Health Insurance – We got a little bit of negative feedback from OSU admin, but LOTS of positive feedback from members.

CGEU / NWLF – No one has applied to go to these. Ashley will email a few people individually.

EOY BBQ Awards – We haven’t heard anything from Béatrice about Steward of the Year nominations from the SC, so the Awards Committee (ie, the members present at this meeting) are going to just select someone. We’ve decided that both Casey Waun and Lauren Visconti will be SotY. The Hess Award will go to John Osborne. Then we’ll also acknowledge briefly the people who served on various committees over the year.

EOY BBQ Food – Shannon has a plan and a couple volunteers to help with food prep.

Accountability Check-In – We’re looking pretty good! Things we still need to work on: AGEL call. Ed Ray meeting. Grad school workshops for undergrads. Ratify the contract (gotta finish bargaining first!). Confirm date & location for Brew-Off. Third newsletter. Iconic CGE posters. Update bulletin boards. FB reminder about Social List. Percaps reform. AFT-OR EC meeting. Review data/web security. We’re still planning to work on all of these, though some of them will happen next year.

Ed Ray Meeting – This is next Tuesday, June 17, at 11 AM. Shannon will put together the agenda to distribute. Sneha, Alisha, Thomas, and Ashley will attend.

2014-15 Budget – The budget committee has met a couple times and Thomas now presents their first draft of the next year’s budget. The officers present have a few recommendations; since there are so few people here today, Thomas will email the budget draft with today’s notes to the EC list for more feedback, and then take that feedback to the budget committee.

Strategic Retreat – Mindy, Shannon, and Ashley are meeting tomorrow to finalize the agenda. Ashley will start arm-twisting individually emailing reps and members next week.

Meeting adjourned at 12:30 PM

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