In attendance: Thomas Morrill, Sneha Gantla; Ashley Bromley, Angela McClendon

No quorum. We started talking around 10:10 AM.

Minutes from 6-17-2014 Meeting – Cannot yet approve.

Insurance Issue – Last Friday, we heard from a grad who submitted his insurance paperwork on time (in the enrollment extension period) but didn’t know that payment was also due then. The insurance office won’t let him pay later. Since they’re being pretty stubborn about the timing, we’ll suggest he try to get (potentially cheaper) summer coverage through the insurance exchange.

Bargaining Update – We had a session on Wednesday the 18th. The CGE team presented language about notice of appointment, which seemed to be received well by the OSU admin team. Next bargaining session is scheduled for 10:30 on Tuesday, July 1st.

HIAC Update – We had a meeting immediately after bargaining last week. George Voss seemed pretty amenable to all our proposals.

Ed Ray Meeting – This was last Tuesday the 17th. Since there’s such a small group, we’ll talk about how it went at our next (not yet scheduled) meeting.

Rodolfo/AFT-OR Database Access – At the Strategic Retreat, Ashley showed Rodolfo our office-visit program and he really liked it. He requested access in order to use it and also to show it to the folks at AFT-OR and try to get them/other locals to use it. For now, Ashley connected him with Rob to set up a dummy version for Rodolfo to play with.

Knights Game: Zooperstars! – This year’s Zooperstars game is this Friday, June 27, at 6:40 PM. Ashley is in the process of confirming that (since this game is “presented” by IBEW 280) it’s still “Union Night” where members get $1 off tickets. We’ll try to get lots of people out! We also asked Tim about using the Westmin grill and he says it will be fine, so we’ll be able to use up some of our leftovers. Grilling will start around 4:30.

Consolidation of Power – We have determined that Sneha “Master Sega” Gantla – being the only officer dedicated enough to stick around today – shall now be the sole authority and decision-maker of CGE.

Meeting ended around 11 AM

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