In attendance: Lizz Hardardt, Thomas Morrill, Béatrice Moissinac (very timely), Shannon Andrews,

Sneha Gantla, Mindy Crandall; officers-elect Alisha Jones (also B-Team rep), Drew Hatlen, Gloria

Ambrowiak, Kris Osterloh; Ashley Bromley, Angela McClendon


Meeting called to order at 8:25 AM: this is our first meeting with all the new officers!

Minutes from 5-14-2014 (and 5-22) Meetings – Approved.

Bargaining Update (from Alisha) – Last Thursday’s session brought a lot of members! The OSU team

was scheduled to bring a lot of numbers to the table in response to our interest. Their lead negotiator

wasn’t there and they said they needed more time to do more calculations – but they did provide at least

some numbers. The next session will be on Friday at 1. The OSU team said they wouldn’t have time to

meet with the “leadership team” by then, so they’re now scheduled to bring results to the June 5 session.

For this week’s session, the CGE team is going to bring witnesses on the economic issues.

HIAC Update – PacificSource has agreed to include good transgender care coverage. Unfortunately we

haven’t gotten numbers yet from OSU’s lead insurance person on all our requests from over a month ago.

Ashley asked him if she and Angela could be added to the grad employee plan but he said definitely not.

She then asked the GTFF if they would be willing to add us, but hasn’t heard back yet; their plan is

currently in a bit of upheaval so it’s unlikely.

GTFF Rally Debrief – Béatrice and Ashley attended the work-in and rally last Friday to support the

GTFF’s action around bargaining, which has been going very poorly. Their membership overwhelmingly

approved a strike authorization last week.

AFT-OR Field Rep – Mindy talked with David Rives about getting Rodolfo assigned to us. We’ll hope

to hear back with an answer tomorrow.

AFT-OR Hiring – The position of Communications Representative is now open. CGE has been invited

to have a member on the hiring committee (because we’re awesome at communications). Lizz is

interested in participating.

Labor Notes Subscription – The EC approves renewing our annual subscription ($30).

LBL-CLC Meeting – The May meeting is tonight and Sneha is already double-booked. Alisha will go in

her place. She has a new-delegate confirmation letter.

EOY BBQ – Drinks plan: we’ll get a keg of beer, two corny kegs of cider, and ask Matt Housley if he has

any spare beer sitting around. Food plan: we’ll prep for 150 people. Music plan: Meatbomb and CGE’s

other two Cover-Up bands have all confirmed; Meatbomb will bring the necessary sound equipment.

Bargaining Email – The EC approves sending an all-member email for bargaining witnesses and turnout.

Safety and Equity Issues – The recent shooting at UCSB has us thinking about gender equity, fair

workplace treatment, and campus safety. John Osborne suggested CGE could facilitate bringing women

together to speak to a campus audience. We think this is something we could work toward in the fall.

We’d like to ask some groups to partner with us, perhaps Women In Policy, MARS (SHS program “Male

Advocates for Responsible Sexuality”), and the Grad School. Today at 12:30, the Women’s Center is

hosting a dialogue about the UCSB shooting.

OSU HR Search Committee – Thomas attended this meeting last Thursday morning of the hiring

committee to find Jeri Hemmer’s replacement. They have 11 candidates who passed initial resume

screening (out of 30 total applicants). Phone interviews are scheduled for June 16, with in-person

interviews to come in July.

Meeting adjourned at 9:45 AM

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