In attendance: Stephanie Parreira, Thomas Morrill, Zhian Kamvar, Vance Almquist, Kris Osterloh, Clint Mattox; Ashley Bromley, Angela McClendon

Meeting called to order at 5:33 PM

Minutes from 12-15-2015 – Approved.

Email Decisions – None this time.

Online Tax Payment – The EC approves Angela paying the January federal payroll taxes online.

PhD Movies 1 & 2

  • Turnout: These are screening this Thursday the 7th at 7 PM. Ashley will draft for approval TONIGHT an all-member email including PhD Movies, our game night on Friday the 15th, the GMM on the 28th, and the health insurance info event on Wednesday the 20th. Zhian will email the Social List tomorrow about the PhD Movies.
  • Setup: Ashley will email Drew about whether he was able to procure tables. Ashley will shop for popping corn, oil, and bags. Ashley knows we need to get bags. Vance and Clint will arrive early to help transport and pre-pop the corn.

Game Night – We’ll hold this at Woodstock’s on Friday the 15th at 7 PM. (This is moved from our original plan of having it the day after the PhD Movies.)

Steward Council Agenda – The next SC meeting is next Tuesday the 12th.

  • Agenda: We’ll talk about bargaining, contacting on phone vs email, AFT-OR Winter School, the Social List Code of Conduct (the draft of which Zhian will email on the 11th), office visits, and our AFT-OR Convention Committee.
  • Menu: We’ll make curries! Vance will recruit assistants.
  • Turnout: Vance will email the Stewards to request RSVPs. He’ll also post about it on the Stewards fb group.

Ed Ray Meeting Debrief – The fall term meeting was on December 16th. Vance talked about HR not yet providing data about hourly positions doing grad assistant work. Viki said she would give us the information; Ed said if not, we could have a special meeting in late January just about this issue. Thomas will email Viki to follow up. Zhian talked about the sick leave donation issue. Ed’s first response seemed positive: “Obviously we need to make sure this is implemented correctly.” Dave said Sherm said we need to “wait and see” if a problem occurs. Viki said their system with SEIU has been working fine; Thomas will ask SEIU reps how they feel about it. Stephanie brought up the issue of earthquake preparedness and the need for better campus-wide communication. Basically we were told that it would cost waaay too much to fix the buildings. Vance would like to research what can be done to provide some small safety improvements. Kris talked about fieldwork safety. EHS has a guide they’ve put out, but it’s lacking a lot. CGE will collect resources on protocols from documents and websites that EHS can use to update their document. (We also appoint Kris to be the CGE representative on the UHSC.)

Winter School – Vance received one “yes” – from Clint. Kris, Thomas, and Vance are also planning to go. Thomas will ask the B-Team again.

AFT-OR Percaps – Dave Cecil from UOUA called Ashley to ask if CGE has plans to work on a percaps amendment this year. UA is very interested in the issue because they’re doubly affiliated with AAUP and currently getting a “deal” where they pay full AFT-OR percaps but then get refunded 40% of it. Dave says Belinda is currently the one working on percaps in the EC; it sounds like she’s working on a proposal where doubly affiliated locals pay to AFT-OR the full percaps less the amount they pay to their second affiliate. This would actually cause UA to pay more, so Dave wonders if CGE will be making an amendment proposal or would support an amendment from UA. Last year, the previous treasurer (Steve) told Thomas he’d be in touch for help; the new treasurer (Jeff) hasn’t contacted us yet. Ashley will begin putting together our Convention Committee; we’ll ask the SC as well. Kris will email Belinda and Jeff about their progress.

Board of Trustees Nominees – The OSU BoT needs to fill a position. They put together a list of candidates. Ashley will email the information for the officers to read. If the EC agrees on a candidate, we’ll ask the Steward Council to approve CGE’s recommendation to the BoT. If it’s approved, we’ll also ask ASOSU and AFT-OR to add their support.

WOU Local Petition – The faculty union at WOU is heading to mediation for bargaining. They’ve passed along a petition requesting support. The EC approves Stephanie posting about it in our social media outlets if we get approval from the SC. Vance will ask about it in his email about the SC meeting.

Meeting adjourned at 6:47 PM

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