CGE Executive Council Meeting Minutes – July 31, 2013

In attendance: Eric Coker, Béatrice Moissinac, Thomas Morrill, Shannon Andrews, Lizz Hardardt, Araby Belcher, Mindy Crandall; guest member Braden Elliott and B-Team member Danny Ritter; guest guest Danny’s friend Brice; Ashley Bromley, Angela McClendon

Meeting called to order at 3:07 PM

Minutes from 7-17-13 meeting – Approved
Email Decisions – None this week


Bargaining Update – Tomorrow is Danny’s last day. L Good news: at Monday’s welcome-back session, we TA’d Articles 7 and 11. We have another session tomorrow.


Institutional Board – OSU has decided to go forward with the independent board pathway. We feel that President Ray probably did not actually read our letter.


Ed Ray Meeting – We’re still waiting to get potential dates for this.


AGEL Midwest Workshare – We’re still waiting to hear from the AGEL chairs about whether this is happening.


Brenda McComb Meeting – We’ll try to schedule a lunch with her in a couple weeks. Béatrice will continue the conversation with her.


Grad Demographic Data – We have received grad student data (which is useful but doesn’t distinguish between supported and not-supported grads). We would be able to get grad employee-specific data as a bargaining-related information request (which would be around $120). The EC approves making this expenditure.


CGE Social Time – We’re going to try to gather a bunch of people at the Darkside at 6:45 tonight.


Email Moderating – We’ll add Shannon as a moderator for the Social list, we’ll add Lizz as a moderator for the B-Team list, and we’ll make sure Béatrice is a moderator on the Reps list.


Update Check-Signers – We just did it! Ashley or Angela will take the form to the bank tomorrow.


Bargaining Information Request – We received some information from Jeri about lengths of appointments. It’ll cost about $35 for the time spent collecting the data.


SEIU Rally – Happening tomorrow! At noon at the MU – wear your purple! Béatrice will email the Reps list. Eric will make a post on the fbook group about it.


New Steward Council Dates – The Thursday evenings we requested aren’t available at Westm. We’ll do Tuesdays instead.


Oregon AFL-CIO Convention – This is the last weekend in September in Bend. We’re entitled to 4 delegates. We’re going to punt this decision to the next meeting (August 14th) when we’ll know whether or not the AGEL Workshare is happening.


Budget: Reimbursement Questions – Mindy suggests creating a standard rate for different meals, and Lizz suggests we should have a policy about appropriate times to request reimbursements. Decision: In the future, we’ll do $7 for breakfast, $10 for lunch, and $20 for dinners.


State Measure Re: Equal Marriage – AFT-Oregon is going to be helping petition for signatures to get a measure for equal marriage onto the upcoming ballot. We’ll see if a member would like to mention it on the Social List, and we might have it as a topic at the Fall GMM.


Ron Wyden Breakfast – AFT-Oregon is going to be buying tickets for members to attend this at 8 AM on Monday, August 19th, in Portland. Eric would like to go.


UHSC Representative System – The charter for the University Health & Safety Committee currently says reps will serve 3-year terms. This wouldn’t work well for most grads – but we did bargain to get a seat on the committee and we want to show our commitment to campus safety.


CGE Officer Policies – These have all been signed!


Meeting adjourned at 4:45 PM

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