In attendance:  Braden Elliott, Michelle Marie, Wren Keturi (remotely), Forrest Parker; Ashley Bromley, Angela McClendon; special guest member Kevin Weitemier

Meeting called to order at 2:10 PM

Minutes from 3-14-13 meetings – Approved

Constitution & Bylaws – Kevin is here representing the C&B Updates Committee. They’ve proposed a few changes for the membership to vote on at the Spring GMM: updates to wording about membership, steward appointments, quorum, delegate selection, etc. The EC approves the updates to send out to the membership by Sunday.

Convention Stuff – Delegate meeting agenda will be discussed over break. Auction stuff: Rob is going to donate some homebrew and we have a couple pint glasses to add to make it a basket (Ashley will let AFT-OR know what we’re bringing). We still need to decide whose “extras” can attend: probably, if a delegate can only attend while bringing a dependent, then that dependent can go, but we’re running out of room (and funding) for all the people who might want to go. We need to make it very clear that “unofficial alternates” will be expected to work, not just party. Wren will email the people who have expressed interest.

Bargaining – We haven’t scheduled a meeting with OSU HR yet, but we’re waiting for the bargaining team to shape up. Ashley and Danny have started looking at the previous bargaining survey: it’ll be discussed when the B-Team meets.

AGEL Campus Meeting – April 5 – 7 in Florida. Some members will be going. There will be workshops on things like bargaining for fee relief and forming a solidarity network.

Spring Schedule – We need to figure this out! Schedules are conflicting. Wren will send out a new doodle poll with more options.

Officer Elections – Notification of election needs to be mailed before April 9. We’ll think about including info about steward elections in the same mailing.

SEIU – Ashley went to a meeting to talk about our recognition win and their bargaining campaign. She volunteered Braden to provide some entertainment at a gathering. There’s a “happy hour social” this Friday with SEIU/AAUP/CGE.

Spring Term – The EC will review the strategic plan at the first meeting of the term. We’ll plan for a membership drive starting the week after Convention.

Meeting adjourned at 3:50 PM – Haven’t decided yet on a meeting for over spring break

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