CGE Executive Council Meeting Minutes – July 17, 2013

In attendance: Lizz Hardardt, Thomas Morrill, Mindy Crandall, Béatrice Moissinac; Eric via videochat; guest member John Osborne, briefly; Ashley Bromley, Angela McClendon

Meeting called to order at 3:05 PM

Minutes from 7-3-13 meeting – Approved
Email Decisions – Turned in bank’s check-signer form with signatures of the 5 officers present (we’ll update it when Eric returns and we have a Social Chair).


Bargaining Update – The next session is scheduled for July 29.

Birthday Break – We pause to celebrate the anniversary of Mindy’s entrance into the world!


Social Chair – We’ve just received an official resignation from Luke. It would be great to have someone in the position soon because there are things coming up (eg, Brew-Off) that need to be worked on! We’re going to ask Shannon to take the position. Mindy will talk to her.


Meeting Dates/Times – We have the dates and locations planned that we’d like to have for the GMMs and Steward Council meetings, as well as Trivia Nights. Ashley will reserve the necessary rooms at the Senior Center and Westmin.


Committee Check-In – At the Strategic Retreat, we discussed several committees we want to make happen. Brew-Off (currently Lauren, Eric, Shannon, Stacey, Elsa): first official meeting is August 1. Convention: Kevin was voluntold. Dues: Sean will head this up when he returns from Europe. Communications: Araby isn’t here but we’ll follow up with her next meeting. Social (Béatrice, Shannon, YG, Araby expressed interest): we’ll work on this more when we have a Social Chair.


State Fair – Béatrice will email the reps about volunteering at the AFT-Oregon booth for a couple hours on Monday, August 26 – to get free admission!


AGEL Call Report – Lizz participated in the call on July 9. It’s seeming a little unlikely that the beginning-of-fall work share will actually happen.


Summer All-Member Email – Mindy will draft this up. Things to include: reminder of office benefits, bargaining schedule, social hours, what’s up with SEIU, try to have CGE night at the Darkside on July 31.


Next CLC Meeting – Eric and Lizz will probably both attend on August 7.


Website/Email/Office Passwords – Everyone is able to check and send from their CGE emails and knows how to log in to the blog. The new officers also now know how to turn on the office computers.


Institutional Board Update – The Oregon Senate is working on a bill that will take most of the authority for PSU, UO, and potentially OSU away from the Oregon University System and give it to a board at each of the individual universities. Mindy, Béatrice, Wren, and Dennis met last Friday to figure out what’s going on and draft a CGE recommendation to OSU. Next steps: we need to get this letter finalized and sent to the admin team. Ashley will compile edits and circulate it on the EC list. (We got an email request from David Rives about nominating candidates from our membership for the Higher Education Coordinating Committee. Mindy will communicate with him.)


Meeting adjourned at 4:09 PM

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