CGE Executive Council Meeting Minutes – January 10, 2013

In attendance: Forrest Parker, Braden Elliott, Sydney Householder, Wren Keturi, Eric Coker, Danny Ritter, Michelle Marie; Angela McClendon, Ashley Bromley, Sarah Burke; Matt Loewen; Eben via phone Meeting called to order at 2:05 PM

Minutes from 12-18-12 meeting – Approved

Email Decisions – Approved budget update. Decided to postpone Winter School registration because we didn’t have names yet.

Campaign Update Zoology Issue – It looks like last term’s issue about appointments is mostly resolved this term. Ashley will be talking with people there during office visits in the coming weeks.

Committees 1. Communications – Eric and the committee will start on the first edition of The Rabble Rouser soon. 2. Constitution – Will choose a time to meet soon. Currently looking for input on things to talk about. 3. Convention – Wren suggests this is a group to develop soon and is willing to be part of it; Sydney would also like to be on the committee. 4. HIAC – We’d like to start working on this again. 5. Member Benefits – Daniel Holder volunteered to work on this some. Danny & Wren will follow up.

Steward Council Meeting – This is next Thursday, January 17. We’ve discovered that we don’t actually have the Senior Center reserved like we thought we did. So! We should be able to meet in the big room at Westmin, have our dinner and meeting, and then go elsewhere for a drink afterward. AFT-OR has agreed to pay for food, and then CGE can buy a round. Braden will ask for a table at McMenamins.

Steward Appointments – Refresher: the election last term was for elected stewards who are eligible to vote in case the council reverts to RRO; we also need to appoint some non-voting representatives to fill the spaces that are still open. Braden has a list of departments that need reps and will send it along to the EC. Then we’ll ask people if they’d like to be appointed.

Winter School – Registration is due January 16th. Wren will email the rep list/post on fb to ask people to apply. If we get more than 5 responses, we’ll decide at that point how many to send. [Executive Session]

Convention Delegate Nominations – We’ll start on these pretty soon; need to be out on the 15th because election will be at the GMM on the 30th.

AFT-OR EC Meeting – This is Saturday the 19th. A few people will be going.

OR AFL-CIO Conference – Eben sent Wren some info about this upcoming event. However, we’ll probably be busy that weekend and won’t be able to attend. Meeting adjourned at 3:57 PM

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