In attendance: Thomas Morrill, Zhian Kamvar, Vance Almquist, Stephanie Parreira, Kris Osterloh, Clint Mattox, Chris Mihiar; Ashley Bromley, Angela McClendon

Meeting called to order at 5:30 PM

Minutes from 10-13-2015 – Approved.

Email Decisions – (1) Approved all-member email about AGEL. (2) Approved all-member email about the GMM. (3) Approved ink purchase.

Brew-Off Design – Ashley talked with Janella from AFT-OR today, who recommended a unionized Portland printer who could print a new pint glass design for us quickly. AFT-OR has approved the expense of sharing half the cost of new pint glasses. Shannon has a friend who is making a new design for us that’s a scaredy cat, because it’s on Halloween and everyone likes cats. The EC approves going with the new design and the Portland printer and the cost-sharing with AFT-OR (our half is estimated to be around $800). The EC agrees that the expense of the new printing will come from CGE’s budget and not be accounted against the donation to LBFS (we note that this will be non-chargeable). The EC approves Ashley asking our original printer to stop the shipment of the first pint glasses, if possible, to try to avoid paying around $700 for the freight. Shannon has volunteered to screenprint the new design on the shirts. We will try to get multiple helpers. The EC also approves paying for screenprinting them if it becomes necessary.

Empowering B-Team – The Bargaining Team is Thomas, Clint, Ally Stacey, Dwight Holland, Ryan Beaston, Laura Syron, and Ashley. The EC approves empowering them to bargain the contract.

Appointing Stewards – We’ve gotten a couple new people who are interested in being stewards. The EC appoints Matteo Smullin from MIME. The EC appoints Dixie Daniels from FERM. The Steward Council will be asked to confirm them at the November meeting.

GMM – This is a week from today! Officers will invite all their CGE friends to the FB event.

  • Agenda: Food at 5:30, checking people in as they arrive to confirm membership for voting.
    • Introductory announcements (welcome, where to put your dishes).
    • Paid sick leave ratification: present language, discuss, and vote ballot.
    • Collect ballots during membership & budget reports.
    • Introduce bargaining platform.
    • Stay-at-your-table breakout conversations on platform for 10-15 minutes.
    • Report back from tables, then vote yes-or-no ballot on entire platform.
    • Fair share and the Friedrichs case.
    • AGEL announcements.
    • Brew-Off announcements.
    • Open floor.
    • Sing “Solidarity Forever” as quickly as possible.
  • Food Plan: Clint & Vance will shop on Sunday with Ashley’s list. Veggie chopping will happen Monday afternoon. Meat will go in the crockpots Tuesday morning. Kris will bring his pressure cooker for beans to be cooked Tuesday morning. Rice: Whereas we’ve burnt many batches of rice in the past; whereas it costs a lot to purchase cooked rice from a restaurant; whereas we use rice for lots of meals; therefore the EC approves Angela shopping for a rice cooker ASAP and spending up to $300 (hopefully under $250), trying to optimize price, capacity, and arrival date.
  • Drink Plan: We’ll get 10 gallons of cider/beer for the GMM and 10 gallons of cider/beer for the AGEL house-party at the same time. Ashley will order them. Kris will pick them up. We will also have more non-alcoholic, non-soda options available than we’ve had in the past.
  • Set-Up Plan: The officers are all available at 4 PM. Ashley will arrange people with tasks.
  • Brew-Off Sales Plan: Tickets will be available for presale after GMM business. The Brew-Off Committee will be in charge of details.

Steward Council – The next meeting is *still* on November 10th.

Fieldwork Safety – The issue of adequate safety procedures and training for fieldwork has come up at our meetings with HR. We said we’ll get some folks to document issues and propose solutions. Kris will contact people who would be interested in helping and ask for additional interest on the FB group.

AGEL Update – We still need a LOT more drivers to go to Portland for PSU visits. We also need a few more houses for homestays. Stephanie will email the Social List. Officers should fill out the registration form with ALL the info on how they can help and – this is really important – get their friends to fill it out.

AFL-CIO Convention – Kris will attend the OR AFL-CIO Convention this coming weekend. AFT-OR is willing to pay for half of Kris’s hotel room. They’ll pay for the room up front. The EC approves CGE sending AFT-OR a check for half, which will be about $170.

Brew-Off All-Member Email – This is drafted but we’ve been waiting for updates on the design issue. Officers will PLEASE check their email tomorrow and respond ASAP to the approval request.

LBL-CLC Meeting – Clint is unable to attend tomorrow’s meeting because it’s at the same time as his confirmation hearing in ASOSU. None of the other officers can make it. Clint will let them know we can’t participate in the meeting this month.

Ed Ray Meeting – Clint will email the admin team and ask for a meeting in mid-November.

Meeting adjourned at 6:55 PM

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