CGE Executive Council Meeting Minutes – November 21, 2013

In attendance: Araby Belcher, Beatrice Moissinac, Thomas Morrill, Shannon Andrews, Lizz Hardardt, Sneha Gantla; guest member Kevin Weitemier; Ashley Bromley, Angela McClendon

Meeting called to order at 11:35 AM (upstairs at Westmin — office is unsuitable for meetings right now)

Minutes from 11-14-2013 Meetings – Approved


AFT-OR EC Meeting Report (with Kevin) — Lizz won the open spot on the EC! They’re taking suggestions for Winter School topics. There was a lot of talk about the recently completed audit (it was more difficult/lengthy this year because of staff and software changes). The faculty union at UO is about to have their officer election. Organizing for PSU grads has officially launched (CGE’s friend Sarah Burke is working there!). AFT-OR is in the process of hiring Eben’s replacement. The EC made a donation to the Oregon Center for Public Policy and also approved expenditures to help some locals.


Presidents’ Conference Debrief – Lots of talking about upcoming state issues. The AFT-OR EC approved a new contract with UEG (their staff local).


Fair Share Procedures and Notices — The EC agrees that going forward we’ll designate October 1 through September 30 as our “year” for applying fair share rates, which we’ve been doing but hadn’t formalized. The EC approves sending the two notices (one for nonmembers and one for members) that Ashley had passed around email for edits. Lizz and Araby will go talk with OSU Federal Credit Union to see if we could set up an interest-bearing escrow account there to keep fair share fees in until objection periods are over.


All-Member Email — Topics will be AFT-OR Scholarships, Dues Committee, Fair-Share Audit Notice, AFT Email Opt-In, and a Bargaining Update (notice of survey coming up).


Ed Ray Meeting — Lizz, Sneha, Shannon, Thomas will attend on December 2 at 4 PM. Sneha will email his office with the topics we’d like to talk about (once she knows what they are).


Tailgating — We have most of a keg of beer left from the Brew-Off (one that was purchased, not donated). We’d like to offer it for cheap on Saturday to help recoup the cost (to improve our donation). Shannon will update the fbook event to move the location to the front of Wilkinson on campus.


Bargaining Update — The team met last night and it was “Super Awesome.” There’s a plan to have the survey out on December 9.


AGEL Call Report — Sneha participated in this Tuesday. The first item on the agenda was BAGELS (Bad-Ass Grad Employee Local Staff) and discussion about resource-sharing for locals in need. Ashley has been discussing with other grad local staff about having a meeting that includes helping a local in Michigan. “It was fun!”


Newsletter — Araby is collecting some photos and will send it out on Monday!


Barometer Article — Sneha is writing a column and will send a draft around this weekend.


GTFF Media Training — Judith asked Ashley if CGE folks would like to participate in a training about media outreach (with AFT National staff) happening in Winter Term. Several officers are interested.


Culture of Service Attendee — The next meeting is Thursday, December 19. Unfortunately, none of the EC can go this time. Sneha will let the OSU folks know.


Reimbursement Question — Lizz had a question about expenses without receipts. Angela said the procedure is to fill out the reimbursement request form and receive the other officers’ approval. The other officers think this sounds about right, and request that everyone try their *very* best to get receipts for purchases.


Meeting adjourned at a time after Angela’s laptop turned itself off, but probably around 1:15 PM?

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