CGE Executive Council Meeting Minutes – July 3, 2013

In attendance: Lizz Hardardt, Thomas Morrill, Araby Belcher, Mindy Crandall, Eric Coker via speakerphone; Angela McClendon

Meeting called to order at 3:00 PM

Minutes from 6-26-13 meeting – Approved
Email Decisions – None this week
Ed Ray Meeting – We’re trying to schedule our summer meeting.


CGE and Left Bank at the Market – Wren and Béatrice will staff the table this Saturday the 6th. Araby and Eric can definitely help some of the other first Saturdays that we committed to. We’ll ask the reps if any of them are interested in participating as well.


Institutional Board Update – Mindy, Wren, Béatrice, and Dennis are going to meet on Friday the 12th to draft the CGE proposal.


Officer Transitions – We still need to transition a few email accounts for the new users. Angela will work on a couple and Eric will get info from Michelle to set his up. Angela will also update admins on the fbook group. Araby will get the new officers onto the CGE google calendar.


Check Signing Transitions – Forrest has brought over the sheet for the new officers to sign. It’s important to get this done ASAP. Really.


Social Chair – We have a potential social chair who’d like to have the position. She won’t know for a couple more weeks whether she gets PhD funding, so we’ll (plan to) appoint her at the EC meeting on July 17th.


SEIU Rally – This is happening at noon next Thursday, the 11th, between the library and Kerr. Wren, maybe Thomas, maybe Daniel can be there. We’ll ask the reps list as well.


AFT-OR Legislative Request – We received an email (a few weeks ago, and again a couple days ago) asking for support on a Senate bill. It looks like the legislation may have already failed earlier this week, so we don’t need to debate whether to officially support it after all.


AFT-OR State Fair Booth – This is in the end of August. There’s a “Labor Booth” throughout the fair that AFT-OR will be staffing one day. Mindy says the state fair is “TONS of fun.” We’ll advertise to the rep list and encourage people to email Leah to volunteer for a couple hours (for free admission!).


Strategic Retreat Recap – Reimbursements: We’ll use Ashley’s handy chart calculation for Lincoln City ($52.50). There are seven drivers so it’s $367.50 total.


Online Tax Payment – The EC approves of paying the June federal tax online.


Meeting ended at 3:42 PM – Super fast!

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