In attendance:  Forrest Parker, Braden Elliott, Sydney Householder, Danny Ritter, Wren Keturi; Ashley Bromley, Angela McClendon; special guest member Daniel Holder

Meeting called to order at 2:15 PM

Minutes from 3-21-13 meeting – Approved

Email Decisions – (1) Meeting today; (2) Spring Term EC meetings will be Tuesdays at 10 AM

Bargaining – Danny has sent the official letter of intent to bargain to the appropriate representatives from OSU and OUS. The issuing of that letter starts a 30-day clock for getting to the bargaining table. The old & new B-Team will be meeting next Wednesday the 3rd. The EC approves up to $50 for food for that meeting. Topics for the meeting include scope of bargaining and finalizing the survey. Matt reminded us that, in the past, the EC has voted to cede all bargaining power to the B-Team. This EC will have that conversation next week when everyone is in attendance.

Membership/Dues Status of Orange Card & Associate Members – There’s more complication than we’d anticipated surrounding the addition of new members. The orange cards signed last year don’t have a line for authorizing payroll deductions, so we won’t be able to receive dues from new people, and then technically they aren’t members. This means they couldn’t vote to ratify the new contract that’s going to bargained for them. We’re too late now to propose C&B language changes about this, but we might be able to amend our proposals on the GMM floor.

Convention Stuff – The delegate list and resolution proposals were not submitted properly according to AFT-OR’s very particular rules. (1) The question of seating our delegates has been put to the “Credentials Committee” (which may not be convened before Convention). We’re going to put together some arguments to send them because we feel that the information they needed was all included. (2) The resolution proposals we wrote will not be included in Convention because we sent them in incomplete. We might be able to propose (some of) them on the floor, but it would take a bit of political capital that we may not have after fighting to be seated.

Election Notices – We have notices about ready to send out. They’ll need to be mailed by April 9th.

End-Of-Year BBQ – We want to advertise this as an upcoming event. We’ll work to get the Maple Grove Shelter at Avery Park for the Friday of finals week (June 14).

Newsletter – Eric has a draft almost ready to go! He emailed it to us to approve, and it looks pretty good. He’s always looking for more contributions (which is great, because Daniel would like to mention the CLC). We’ll get it sent out to members on Friday, April 5th.

Solidarity Fair – This will be Saturday, May 4th from 11:30 to 4. There will be some speakers, workshops, informational tabling, and even some live music! Ashley volunteered CGE to contribute to some children’s activities.

New Blue Cards – Ashley updated a little bit of the info and the logo. The EC approves spending $250 to get a new batch printed.

Solidarity Happy Hour – Ashley and Wren went to this last week. It looks like the OSU chapter of AAUP might start a union organizing campaign soon. They’ll probably have some questions we can help them with. The OSU chapter of SEIU 503 (classified staff) would like to work harder at organizing and increasing membership. They’ll also probably have some questions we can help them with. SEIU will be bargaining soon.

Scheduling Meetings – We’re going to try to reserve the Senior Center for next year’s GMMs. We currently have a tentative reservation at the Senior Center for the May rep meeting, so we’ll verify that we’re booked at Westmin and then cancel the SC reservation.

CLC Meeting Recap – Daniel and Danny attended recently. There was a treasurer’s report at the beginning of the meeting: it looks like the CLC has some finances that are typically used for political organizing/lobbying, but they are definitely interested in using some of that for causes that support workers. They’re holding an easter egg hunt and would appreciate volunteers. Upcoming political proposals: something related to “right to work” and/or banning payroll dues deductions; increasing length of working day without overtime pay for certain industries; something related to self-checkout for alcohol or tobacco; “first day sick pay”; rally for a Salem post office.

Alta Gracia – There was an action/rally related to OSU sports apparel at the OSU Bookstore. Thanks to that, the general manager agreed to make at least a $15-20,000 purchase of fair trade apparel.

Coffee – We want to have coffee available as a member benefit, but we don’t want to make a lot that goes to waste. Options: (1) have it scheduled regularly (like Tuesday mornings when we’re here before EC meetings); (2) make some cold-brew coffee concentrate and keep it in the fridge; (3) tell members we’re often around but sometimes just no one is here. For now, we’ll try 1 & 3.

AFT National Funding Thing – Wren met with someone who would like us to think about “What Our Percaps Can Do For Us.”

[Executive Session]

Meeting adjourned at 4:15 PM

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