In attendance: Drew Hatlen, Shannon Andrews, Gloria Ambrowiak, Thomas Morrill, Béatrice Moissinac, Alisha Jones; B-Team member Sara Codding; Ashley Bromley, Angela McClendon

Meeting called to order at 9:30 AM

Minutes from 7-15-2014 Meeting – Approved

Email Decisions – (1) Purchased popcorn maker! (2) Decided to postpone ExplOregon.

OSU Institutional Board Meeting Debrief – Thomas attended one of the meetings on July 17. They talked about deciding what powers they should have related to creating academic programs. Drew attended the meeting of the financial committee, also on July 17. They talked about continuing Ed Ray’s contract, and how much responsibility they want to keep for (smaller) duties they don’t necessarily like.

CPA for Audit – Drew talked with AFT-OR about their CPA switch; they’ll send him info. He’ll talk with Amber Cooper for GTFF’s perspective as well, this weekend at CGEU.

OSU HR Hiring Update – There was one candidate left in the pool, and he’ll be brought back tomorrow for more interviewing with the search committee. Thomas will let us know how that goes. He’s been told that there’s a contingency plan in case the search committee recommends *no one*; also, the final decision rests with David Blake and Donna Chastain.

EC Lunch with Brenda – Brenda responded to Béatrice’s meeting request to say she’d prefer to meet after bargaining is wrapped up. This is probably fine, except we’d probably need to meet with her if we want to collaborate with the Grad School on a back-to-school event. We didn’t particularly want to talk about bargaining at this lunch, so Béatrice will ask Brenda if she’d be willing to meet just for introductions and to talk about back-to-school stuff.

CSSA Steward – Béatrice and Ashley skyped with Richard Arquette last week to talk about being a steward. All parties are interested. The EC now appoints Richard as the CSSA steward and will bring it to the SC to approve at the October meeting. Speaking of the SC, Béatrice will email out the list of areas that still need stewards.

CGE Office Open House – We’d like to have this on the Friday of week 1 (so October 3rd). Ashley is including this in a draft of some event blurbs for the Grad Connect newsletter. Check your email and respond, please.

Westmin Stuff – We need to start working on our strategic goals for our office here. Shannon and Ashley will set up a meeting with Tim soon to talk about outside signage and accessibility improvements.

Montana Organizing Help – The grad union at Montana State in Bozeman is hoping for a big organizing blitz in the last two weeks of August, as they’re working toward a membership push to reach the threshold for fairshare. Chris Goff asked Ashley and Amber whether they (or any of their member activists) would go for a couple weeks. The timing would not work for Ashley. It’s possible that Drew could go for one week. He and Béatrice and Ashley will meet to talk about it more later.

NWLF – This Thursday through Sunday! Angela will email Chris Mihiar to connect him with Lizz (who’s going via AFT-Oregon) and let him know about CGE’s reimbursements for driving and meals.

CGEU – Also this Thursday through Sunday! Drew found a homestay so he’s all set to go. He’ll give us a list of meals and travel expenses he’ll need to be reimbursed for.

AFT-Oregon Higher Ed Political Action – David Rives wants to know who can take part in a meeting in late August. Alisha is interested in participating, depending on if it works with her schedule. Shannon will also check in to the doodle poll.

ExplOregon Summer/Fall – Drew is interested in running a rafting/camping trip on the Deschutes. He’ll find a few dates that work for him and then get info out on the social list. (Gloria remembers that Nikki wants to work on something in September. We’ll ask her when she’s back in town.) Gloria will organize a group to Septembeerfest.

Bargaining Update (with Sara) – There have been three sessions since our last EC meeting: the 22nd, 23rd, and 28th. Last week we talked about a lot of financial stuff, including a math mistake by the OSU admin team that works out in CGE’s favor. At yesterday’s meeting, the admin team brought nothing new! That was really disappointing. The CGE team said we don’t want to schedule further sessions until the admin team brings real responses. The next session is tomorrow at 10:30. We’ll be bringing language on health insurance administration and the child care task force, and we expect admin to bring someone to talk about medical/family leave.

Executive Session

Meeting adjourned at 11:15 AM

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