CGE Executive Council Meeting Minutes – February 7, 2013

In attendance: Forrest Parker, Sydney Householder, Danny Ritter, Wren Keturi, Braden Elliott, Eric Coker; Angela McClendon, Ashley Bromley, Eben Pullman Meeting called to order at 2:00 PM

Minutes from 1-31-12 meetings – Approved

Campaign Update Alta Gracia – Will be screening a film (“Fair Labor: A Love Story”) at the MU at 5 PM on Thursday, February 14. The EC approves expenditure of up to $50 so that CGE can contribute some valentine-themed snacks. Wren will print some flyers.

DHE Issue – Danny is communicating with the GTA (and the department steward). Had a meeting yesterday, will be having a meeting with department leadership tomorrow.

ASOSU Issue – Danny talked with Jeri on the phone. They’re having disagreements. Eben suggests they should put together a joint committee to begin working on a next step.

Spanish Department GTAs Email – Some GTAs asked about the change from the $300/term lump sum fee differential to the $430/term fee remission. They’d like to talk about it; we’ll try to meet tomorrow.

Trivia Night – Coming up soon! (Tuesday, February 26) Daniel Holder and Alex Cimino-Hurt will be coming up with the questions this time. We have about $100 budgeted for snacks and drinks.

May Day Solidarity Fair – The organizing meeting is actually this coming Sunday the 10th at 3:30 PM. Eric (and maybe Sydney) will attend it.

Convention Committee Update – They met recently and talked about 4 different C&B amendment proposals: transparency; changing committee structures; making resolutions binding; making Convention the highest governing body of AFT-OR. These MUST be postmarked by MONDAY the 11th. They’ll go out over the rep list tomorrow morning for feedback. READ YOUR EMAILS.

AFT-OR Convention – Time to start looking for a house. We might be able to get the same one as last year. Looks like it’s available! Angela will work on getting it reserved.

Research Class Issue – Wren got a request from someone at the IRB regarding a situation we’d heard about in the fall. She told them it was conveyed to us anonymously so we’d need to discuss whether to share it. Unfortunately, we can’t find the anonymous letter right now. We’ll try to find it and get back to the IRB people. [Executive Session]

CLC Update – Daniel and Danny went to the monthly meeting yesterday. Meeting adjourned at 3:17 PM

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