As of noon today the 2012-2016 Collective Bargaining Agreement has been unanimously ratified by the membership. Thank you to all of those who took the time to come out and vote in support of the contract!

The last bargaining blog states many of the benefits of the new contract and  a copy of the agreement will soon be added to the website. Be aware that you can still chose to take the $300 differential for your current appointment as offered by Oregon State in your letter of appointment.  However if you chose to do so, you must take the $300 differential EVERY term until your current appointment ends.  If you have a year long appointment that will cost you $426.

There have also been many issues with late appointment letters and unwaived matriculation fees. If either of these issues apply to you please contact me at and do not pay the fee! We’ll gladly talk to Human Resources and have the fee correctly waived. The average fee bill is around $62 (keep in mind this does not include fees incurred from PAC courses, ID cards, or printing). If this doesn’t match your bill  or you have yet to receive an appointment letter, please let me know.

In Solidarity,

Danny Ritter

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