Join us for a trip up to Portland this Thursday to rally for collective bargaining rights for ALL OSU grad employees. We’ll be leaving Westminster House (23rd & Monroe) at 3PM. CGE has vans rented and will cover dinner costs. Just let us know you’ll be attending by RSVPing to

More than 7 months after we filed for recognition, OSU President Ed Ray continues to deny our right to a union election by making the patently absurd claim that we aren’t employees of OSU. Because he hasn’t been willing to engage with us privately, we’re ready to take our message public. We’ll have a silent protest outside of his big donor dinner at the Portland Art Museum, beginning at 5:30PM. Then once guests are inside, we’ll move across the street to rally with labor and community allies (6:30-7:15PM).

Help us deliver the message to Ed Ray and his biggest donors that OSU shouldn’t be using donor dollars to fight our choice for unionization.

After the rally, we’ll head to the food carts for dinner. The trip should be a good time, a chance to get out of Corvallis, and an opportunity to mingle with some new faces. Most importantly, it’s the single biggest thing you can do this term to help guarantee the success of the Recognize All Campaign. It’s time to show Ed Ray that we won’t let his attempts to silence our choice stop us from gaining union recognition.


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