ASOSU elections will be held on Blackboard from April 25th – April 27th. Voting opens at 10 PM on the 25th and closes at 10PM the 27th.

Consider writing in the following CGE members who are interested in serving in the ASOSU House and Senate.

Senate: Braden Elliott and Michael Overholser
House: Braden Elliott, Michael Overholser, Tim Ottusch, and Danny Ritter

There are protected seats in the House for grads, but we want to try to get some folks in the Senate as well (thus the double write-in for Michael and Braden). Let’s get these grad employees into ASOSU so they can help advocate for our interests!

CGE conducted candidate interviews with the ASOSU presidential tickets and has compiled the candidate responses into the one page chart shown below. Please take a moment to review this information and participate in this campus-wide election. Laptops will be available for voting at the GMM this Friday.

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