CGE Executive Council Meeting Minutes – July 25, 2012
In attendance: Wren Keturi, Forrest Parker, Danny Ritter, Sydney Householder, Bret Seferian, Angela McClendon, Michelle Zellers
Meeting called to order at 3:23 PM
Minutes from 6-20-2012, 7-4-2012, 7-11-2012 meetings – We’ll do this later, again.
RA Campaign Update
IWW Movie Night – Thinking about mid-August at the Oddfellows Hall. Michelle will email more
CGEU – This is turning out to be more complicated than it ought to have been. Wren will start getting
carpools set.
Bargaining Update – Contract ratification planning.
Brew-Off – We need to start scheduling this! We’ll talk about this more next week.
Card for Art – Sydney got one!
SEIU Election
Public Information Request
Website Stuff – Wren will follow up with Rob.
Rad Grad Call Follow-Up – Danny will try to be on the call.
LERC Summer School – Registration is due by August 1.
Compensation for Westmin/Newman Center – Punt.
Strategic Plan – Punt.
Westminster Orientation/Cleaning Day – Punt.
Orientation Prep – Punt.
Meeting adjourned at 4:24 PM

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