EC Minutes from 6-20-2012

  1. Unit Clarification
    • From MZ
    • Timeline unpredictable
    • Card check could be reconsidered
    • Social events over the summer
    • MZ and Shari are making a binder to pass to the next people
      • Hour at strategic retreat might not be enough time to sum everything up
      • Will give us strengths and weaknesses document
  2. MZ here through August
  3. Shari’s going away
    • Can we bring in outside food – a cake
    • Squirrels 5:30, Wednesday 27th
    • Shari will on only be in the office for one more day! Training and conference on the days before she leaves
    • Possible start of happy hour tradition??
      • Post happy hour meetings around apartments
      • AFT – OR EC update
        • Ashley suggested forming a committee to find ways to follow through on resolutions
          • Shot down, hard
          • Larry was an ally!
  4. UO new union tied to 4 big groups
    • AFT-OR angry that UO group isn’t paying full percaps, even though they only pay ½ to other groups
    • Bargaining!
      • University going to cover 85% of fees
        • Tuition or deferential
  5. Academic freedom
    • Hard to write into contract
    • Formed committee of professors and graduates to talk about language
  6. RATIFY QUICKLY! They want it done before the fall, but we have concerns over our membership not being here by then.
  7. We’ll propose language and see what we get
  8. Need to write a letter to extend current contract!! – Wren is going to follow up with Matt about it.
  9. ASOSU election follow-up
    • Ashley emailed Soko about having a conversation about the election
      • No word yet
  10. Needs to be a longer-term conversation – This is MM’s ball.
  11. Ed Ray meeting July 11
    • Talk about who is going
    • EOYP
      • OVER-BUDGET!! $30
      • We drank more than 175 cans drank; 12 gallons
      • Push homebrew much, much more for future events
        • Advertise at the brew-off, “Brew for Free for CGE”
  12. Summer Brewer Campaign to find brewers
  13. 7 hour bbq is too long
    • After 6, it was a lot of fun. Before 6 it was pretty lame and weird
    • Games and stuff should be better organized
  14. Get a card for Art for helping Jason
  15. Peace lily for Mark McCambridge
  16. Labor Notes and CGEU conference call
    • Ideas generated about organizing a national day of action in October
      • Want to call it a generic “day of action” but have all locals do their own thing relevant to their current issues
        • RA campaign!
        • Ask Eric about sitting in on the next call – July 11
  17. 2 proposed workshops at CGEU
    • National Day of Action
    • Continuing conversation about increasing democracy in our parent organizations
    • CGEU
      • August 2-4
      • It’s fabulous, according to Mindy
      • Held in Vancouver, BC
      • $50 union members, $15 non-members
        • due July 6th
  18. Mindy strongly suggests we go
  19. Contact GTFF to make sure they’re sending people
  20. Solidarity road trip to Eugene to hang out with GTFF
  21. Public information request
    • Danny called Jackie, got voicemail
      • Hasn’t emailed her yet
      • Brett’s computer still sucks – still have money in technology budget, but we’re punting until the next meeting
        • Call in Sean McGregor for input

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