In attendance: Ashley Bromley, Mindy Crandall, Wren Keturi, Sean McSkyper, Bret Seferian, Angela
McClendon, Eben Pullman, Lauren Atwell

Meeting called to order at 3:25 PM

Minutes from 3-12-12 and 3-14-12 Meetings – Approved

Bargaining Update – Don’t have a date set for next meeting. Likely to be second week of spring term.

Convention Prep
1. Credentials and resolutions were all sent last week. Delegate meeting will be this
Wednesday at 10 AM at WestM.
2. EC needs to talk now about delegates bringing partners/children. A couple delegates are
sort of expecting to be able to bring others along. CGE can’t really afford to send more
people, but also don’t want this to be a barrier to participation for people who don’t have
outside childcare options. Consensus: at the delegate meeting, we’ll say Convention is
for delegates only unless there’s an access issue.
3. Ashley, Mindy, Rob planning to go to the AFT-OR office to get access to a spreadsheet
of percaps info. David Rives has been trying to avoid addressing why he doesn’t want
them to see it even though the rules seem clear that officers should be able to access the
info. Ashley has heard some support from other locals for amending the proposal in
committee if she gets numbers for a good argument.

LBL-CLC – Jack Day has been called out as ABSENTEE at the monthly meetings. We’ll try harder to
make sure he gets there on WEDNESDAY, APRIL 4TH, AT 7:30 PM.

Steward Elections – This is a C&B amendment that will actually make a difference in CGE’s practices.
The C&B committee is working on what would be a compromise between current language and current
practice: would create a more formal structure, would match our C&B better, might be a painful transition.
Instead of our current system where anyone who’s interested (or asked often enough) can be a rep, there
would be a body of elected stewards (with greater decision-making responsibility; one steward per x
members), as well as a body of reps (anyone who’d like to can participate but can’t make certain
decisions). This would mean the stewards probably need to meet more than just quarterly.

May Day Thing – Wren went to a meeting with some people from other local labor organizations.
Probably will have tabling in the MU Quad. Ashley wants a giant bonfire.

Teaching Evaluations – Wren got a request from a GTA with concerns about teacher evaluations.
Anonymity may not be guaranteed because of the personal information section. We need to know if that
info is included along with the actual evaluation info – probably yes. {Sean is barking in the background.}
This seems like a great topic to talk about in the next meeting with President Ray.

Meeting adjourned at 4:55 PM

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