EC minutes 2012-05-01 web[1]

In attendance: Mindy Crandall, Ashley Bromley, Wren Keturi, Sean McGregor, Jack Day, Matt Loewen, Lauren Atwell, Angela McClendon, Eben Pullman, Rob Hess with limeade

Meeting called to order at 10:05 AM

Minutes from 4-24-2012 Meeting:  Approved

Previously Made Decisions:  None this week.

RA Campaign Update

May Day Rally:  At noon today in the library quad.

Solidarity Fair:  Was on Sunday at Central Park. Wren saw about 15 CGEers and they all helped at the table. There were lots of postcards signed and all the CGEers had a good time. The event was physically spread out but each part of it was full of people!

Bargaining Update:  Next session is May 11: Hoping for response from OSU on what they’ve been talking about.

Membership Drive Update:  It went well for reconnecting with members, and got about 12 new cards.

ASOSU Election Recap:  The Harris/Cushing ticket won. We haven’t seen results yet on whether the grad write-ins were elected.

Strategic Retreat:  All or at least most of the incoming officers are okay with June 22 – 24. Ashley and Angela will get the house reserved ASAP.

GMM Recap:  Great turnout (>70) and the food and beer were fantastic. Some people mentioned to Wren that they felt a little uncomfortable with the awkward conversation with David Rives. The C&B Amendments took a lot of time to talk about, but it was important work and the discussion was good; same with the M/V/V discussion. In the future, we should reserve a longer time at the Senior Center because we’re always going late; need to decide about taking a break in the middle to help keep focus.

Online Tax Payment:  Approved

Salary Information:  A member has asked for anonymized salary data for a few departments in order to argue for an appropriate raise that they and a colleague haven’t been given. We’ll help with this.

[Executive Session]

Meeting adjourned at 11:35 AM

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