In attendance: Mindy Crandall, Lauren Atwell, Jack Day, Wren Keturi, Matt Loewen, Ashley Bromley,
Sean McGregor, Bret Seferian, Angela McClendon, Eben Pullman, Forrest Parker

Meeting called to order at 3:00 PM

Minutes from 2-27-12 Meeting – Approved

Bargaining Update – The red and green teams have finalized their stuff; the blue team will do so very
soon. B-Team meeting tomorrow to finalize platform. Matt will send it out ASAP for member approval.
First meeting of Interest Based Bargaining will be NEXT TUESDAY, March 13!! We’ll try to round up an

ASOSU Meeting Recap – There was a (really long) SIFC meeting. John Osborne attended to speak for
Our Little Village’s funding requests; they should be able to get everything they need. Ashley was there to
talk about Angi Baxter’s position, as was Andrew Struthers (ASOSU), who provided very valuable input.
Mousa asked Ashley to point out that the people on the SIFC are all elected just like the people in the
ASOSU legislature.

Teach-In Recap – Rather small group: about 25 people were there. Mindy talked about workers’ rights and
was quoted in the Barometer article about the event. Wren suggests trying to get a bigger role in planning
events like this in the future if we’re going to be co-sponsors (and not merely participants). Ashley felt like
she was included in the planning as much as she wanted to be.

Equity & Inclusion – Ashley will meet with Jennifer Almquist next week.

CGE Trivia Night – The date we’d booked initially at the Senior Center conflicts with the Great Cover-
Up, which is more important. We’ll work on getting another set up.

Restructuring Vacation Time for Employees–Sean suggests extending the ending period of the
“vacation year” past the end of the school year and fiscal year, so vacation days are more easily taken over
the summer.

SEIU Albany Picket – GSRMC’s lowest paid workers are facing some unpleasant contract proposals from
the hospital. They’ll have an action on Thursday, March 15th. We’ll post on Fbook, try to carpool.

All Member Email – Mindy will send another out soon (tonight/tomorrow). Topics: SEIU action, a couple
of GTA positions opening up (including the one with Team Lib).

Basket for Jacque – It’s ready to go! Jack will deliver it!

AGEL Call – Tomorrow! (For real this time). Jack won’t be able to take part because the Bargaining Team
meeting has been scheduled for Tuesday again. Lauren will try to call in. Talk about IBB starting soon,
reaching majority in the unit campaign.

Budget Update – Sean is going to prepare an update for next week’s meeting.

1. Mission/Vision/Values – (Mindy) Meeting this week to finalize, then will send to EC
and Reps.
2. Caucus Committee – (Wren & Ashley) Decided to do a “trial run,” will set up a process
for starting caucuses. Trial run will include: LGBT students, student-parents international
students, and students of color. Each caucus will try to meet once before the spring term
Rep meeting (April 11th at Papa’s Pizza) in order to bring their thoughts to the Reps.
We’ll need to budget a little for some snacks.
3. Constitution & Bylaws – (Ashley) The people who attended were mostly pretty new to
CGE, but they had lots of good ideas about reinforcing or improving democratic

AFT-OR Convention: Things are due next Wednesday!!
1. Delegates – Bret has not yet heard back from all the delegates, will check in with them
soon, needs to know their committee requests. About the C&B committee: Mindy will
automatically be assigned; we’ll try to get Rob in on that as well because he knows a lot
about the percaps issue.
2. Resolutions – Process: the EC will discuss/revise via email, then send to Reps by THIS
THURSDAY the 8th so they can respond over the weekend.
a. In support of expanding FMLA access
b. Fostering greater member participation/transparency in AFT-OR/information
access for members
c. Committee assignments: greater participation opportunities; specifically, all EC
members being part of all EC committees
d. Student debt forgiveness
e. Convention committee assignments (composed on the fly by Matt)
f. Donation to some worthy group in the Convention-hosting community

Online Tax Payment – Approved

Meeting adjourned at 4:45 PM

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