In attendance: Ashley Bromley, Jack Day, Wren Keturi, Mindy Crandall, Lauren Atwell, Matt Loewen,
Bret Seferian, Angela McClendon, Shari Walton, Forrest Parker

Meeting called to order at 3:10 PM

Minutes from 3-5-12 Meeting – Approved

Bargaining – First session tomorrow! The platform is all ready and the team is excited to get started.
There’s some question about the amount and timing of discussion we’ll have in bargaining about the
campaign; the B-Team will meet tomorrow before the session to make a decision.

AFT-OR Convention – Credentials and resolutions are written up and will be in the mail with the
registration check tomorrow. There’s a doodle poll about setting up an initial delegate meeting. Ashley
called Leah at AFT-OR to verify that homebrew will be acceptable for the auction – hooray! Kendra is
planning to make some craftsy cards as well.

Budget Update – (1) Sean has prepared an overview of YTD revenue & expenses. (2) A question of
budget priorities: Sean wonders whether we should ask (some) BU non-members about their opinions on
the way CGE spends their representation fees. Other officers find this to be an interesting idea but mostly
feel that’s a privilege of membership. Will probably think about it more later.

GMM – Lauren is working with some people to get food and beer ready for the Spring GMM.
Mission/Vision/Values – Mindy brought the drafts from her meetings with Chris and Braden. The officers
have selected the options they like best and Mindy will finalize with edits.

[Executive session]

Meeting suspended at 5 PM – Will resume on Wednesday at 1 PM

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